#4 Smothering!
You ever have someone that liked you a lot? So much that they wouldn't leave you alone. Did them smothering you want you to be closer to that person or farther away? Everyone wants to be loved, but no one wants to be suffocated to death with that love. The same applies to your business approach. If you tell someone about your business and they don't seem interested or at least not as interested as you thought they should be than back-off. Don't waist your time cramming it down their throat, because it will only make them want to get away from you not do business with you. Instead, take a more passive approach. Tell them about how wonderful the opportunity is and then leave it alone. If you sparked their interest they will ask about it again when they see you are consistently working towards it. Who knows, maybe being smooth rather than smothering will attract them even more.

#3 Expecting The World...Now!
We must set goals as a focal point of our business, but lets keep them grounded. Just because you spend 14 hours a day working on your business does not mean you will be a millionaire after your first week. Even though this might get a chuckle from a few of you the truth is most of you believe this. It's good to have confidence in yourself, but if that confidence is not realistic you can lose faith rather quickly. Understand that you are not going to wake up tomorrow and be the greatest thing since sliced bread, however, if you continue to work hard eventually you will start earning that bread in other ways. Remember, the test of a persons true worth is not in how fast you achieve your goals, but that you achieve them.

#2 Inconsistency!
This connects to sin number one with a little more specificity. Inconsistency is a deadly pattern that is easy to get our selves into, but hard to come out of. We start off so strong and motivated but as soon as trouble arises we start changing our approach or stop dedicating ourselves to the goal like we once did. There are so many different types of strategies out there that we aren't sure which ones to use so we dabble in them all. Slowly we become a Jack of all trades but a master of none. It is imperative that you remain consistent in your business strategy. If you want to make video's about your business than make them and post them everyday. If you want to write articles than write and post everyday. Money can be made out there, but you must be consistent and persistent other wise you will be lost in the shuffle. The trick is not which strategy you choose, but rather consistently sticking with the one you do.

#1 The Fair-Weather Fan!
To many of us are fair-weather fans. We want to win no matter what the cost, and we are willing to root for any team or system to get those results. There are some people out there that will cheer for any team just as long as they are winning. They were Cowboys fans in the 90's, Patriot fans at the turn of the century and were even Steeler fans until they lost this year. They cheer for the winners because they want things to come to them fast and easy and don't want to have to put blood, sweat, and tears into anything to get results. The same applies to the business mindset. Is there a backbone in the business. Is there an allegiance or belief in a certain system or structure, or are willing to do anything or side with anyone in the hopes of getting where we want. This type of mindset hardly ever reaps the type of beneficial reward that comes with staying focused on one team or system and standing firm. This doesn't mean you will never have to change your strategy or approach, but it does mean that when that day comes you will only be changing your bearings, rather than being a ship with no direction at all.

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