Chrysanthemum flowers are among the most popular flowers in the world. They have many different varieties, and each type varies in size, color, and shape. These flowers are also known to reduce pollution. Chrysanthemums come in different colors which have different meanings. The red color represents love, which means real and pure love, while yellow represents friendship. They come in different types, which are;

1. Spider Blooms

Spider blooms are chrysanthemums that have long and thin petals that look like sider legs. These petals, most of the time, go off in different directions, making them look lovely. Some varieties of spider blooms are white, while others are bronze yellow. This type can also have petals that coil at the tips.

2. Quilled Blooms

These types of chrysanthemums have spiky and quill-like petals. These petals are thin, and some of the cups at the tips. The varieties of quilled blooms include Lola. Lola is big and boasts lovely lavender petals. Another type is Kings Delight, which is also large and comes in beautiful pink colors.

3. Single Blooms

Single blooms look like daisies due to their white petals and yellow centers. The difference between these flowers is that single blooms have more immense centers than daisies. These types grow two to three feet.

4. Anemone

Anemones are among the different types of chrysanthemums. They have a disk in the center that is surrounded by petals. The variety that is known as Angel is lovely because it has a yellow center and small petals. Its outer petals are dark purple with whiteheads.

5. Pompons

Pompons have short petals that hide their shell. The moonbeam type has flowers that are big and white. The Yoko Ono ones have smaller blooms that are always green in color. The pompons mostly grow flat but turn round when they mature. These chrysanthemums are used as perfumes due to their sweet fragrance.

6. Decorative Blooms

These chrysanthemum varieties are different in size, and the petals cover the shell. Some of these types have no petals that curve inward. Decorative blooms have another variety that grows five inches taller and higher.

7. Reflex Mums

Reflex mums are flat, and their petals curve downward. These blooms are almost 4 to 5 inches wide and are usually light or dark orange. These flowers can as well have many other different colors. The deep orange and red colors are lovely, and anyone would love them.


Chrysanthemum flowers are long-lasting, and you can use them on any occasion. Their beauty and sweet smell make them the most popular flowers in the world. These flowers have different varieties and types you can choose from. All these types are lovely, and you can use them as gifts for your loved ones.

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