Living a life of abundance is only a dream for some. However, living a life of true happiness does not have to remain a fantasy. The possibility of becoming happy is as much of a possibility as anything else. Don’t know where to start? Consider making some effective changes to your habits. Your habits are actions and behavior that you are regularly energetically engaged in. You have already manifested your current situation with your existing habits, words and behavior. Hence, in order to change your reality, consider making changes to your habitual patterns. The following are seven habits which you can develop or change in order to manifest for abundance:

1. Think Abundantly – Your thoughts are ultimately what control your reality. For example, if you think abundantly, you will attract abundance. People are like magnets and attract to them the energies they put out into the universe. Ever notice how you tend to attract like-minded people? Your thoughts are a powerful tool that should be used wisely. So focus on positive thoughts.

2. Emotional Clearing – Your negative emotions can get you down. To manifest for abundance, it is important that you are in a positive vibrational state. Get into the habit of regular emotional clearing work. Instead of putting them aside, allow yourself to be present with what you actually feel. Holding a sense of equanimity, you will find their energies dissipating.

3. Use Visualization – In order to experience the life of your desire, it helps to have a picture in your mind. Visualization can be practiced at any time of the day. The more attention you placed on this picture, the greater your ability to attract it into being. Envision your dream often enough and turn it into a reality.

4. Use Words wisely. Find yourself cursing, swearing and using vulgar words? You will need to correct this habit. Words have an emotional energy to them. They start from seeds of thoughts. Words reflect what you think. So if you notice what you are saying is negative, start to make necessary changes.

5. Surround Yourself with Positive People – People who are miserable do not want you to be happy and will do everything they can to hold you back from achieving your dreams. Realize that they do not have control over you, although it may seem that way. Don’t be in the habit of hanging out with negative people. In every way you can, surround yourself with people who are positive, loving and uplifting.

6. Be Open to Receiving – A bad habit to have is the refusal to accept help, gifts or compliments graciously. We are only too happy to give but we find ourselves saying no when others offer something unexpected to us. We say no because we believe that we are not deserving. For abundance manifesting however, we need to believe otherwise. We need to believe that we are as deserving as anyone else. So retrain yourself into receiving openly.

7. Express Gratitude – Get into the habit of expressing your gratitude daily. Express your thanks for all the blessings that you enjoy: the earth, the moon, your body, family, life and so on. Be connected with joy. When you express your gratitude, the Universe blesses you with more!

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Evelyn Lim's vision is to create a life of her own dreams, inspiring others to do the same. She is the author of the book, Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold. She also wears many hats: Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Blogger, Master NLP Practitioner and Vision Board counselor.

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