The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has caused innumerable setbacks to people across the globe whether it be a problem on finances, livelihood, and even issues related to the personal lives of these individuals (that includes canceled flights, trips, vacations, postponed appointments, etc.). Aside from the fact that the disease itself may cause health problems and complications once a person gets infected by it, the tension that the crowd feels when the number of positive cases rises every day can also upset their mental health. Nowadays, some companies that cater awareness to people looking for a kind of research paper writing service that would help them in achieving such a goal. They are more into looking at the current situation and squeezing something out from it to create informative research and articles discussing how people can survive different challenges that lie ahead of them in this time of the pandemic.
Apart from the rising number of cases, the feeling of being just at home the whole time sometimes leads to stress and anxiety as well. We may be working from home, getting less exposure from the people outside, and accomplishing tasks at our own pace in the comforts of our home, but it is an undeniable reality that we feel extremely anxious about what’s going on at the moment or even without reason at all. That’s basically affecting our mental health too much. In this article, you will get some tips on how to keep yourself sane through the 7 Effective Ways to Boost Mental Health during COVID-19.

1. Stay Active

Unlike the usual days you had before this pandemic came in, you used to simply stroll around during your free time and even tried walking when going home from work just to make sure that you did something good for your body before the day ends. Frankly, the set-up you have at home this time is not similar to what you got used to doing before. When the quarantine started, you also began working from home making you spend the whole hours of your life simply at home. That situation restricts you to become more active than ever because after having consumed the specified hours of work, what you usually think about doing next is to just sit around and relax. You have to bear in mind that being physically active should always take place wherever you are whether it be inside or outside your home, cleaning your own house, or just simply breaking up your day with simple exercises like star jumps, press-ups, and running in place. You can also look for some yoga exercises that you can do at home since everything can be found online already. Just type in the keywords on YouTube and you will get the different yoga routines easily that you wanted to try. Remember that being in that way helps you in keeping yourself sane and boosting your mental health during the quarantine brought about by the pandemic.

2. Don’t beat a dead horse

In this time of the pandemic, people get several panic attacks caused by severe anxiety and stress. One thing to save your mental health from this brain sickness is to stop overanalyzing. You have to know that it is not necessary for you to feel so regretful of your past and anxious about the future because they have nothing to do with what you are coping with the difficulties you have during the quarantine. Leave them all behind because they are just a waste of time. Just look at the situation you are in at the moment and mind about the stuff you can do to get over it. Don’t overthink too much because overthinking kills.

3. Get in touch with nature

Basically, getting in touch with nature doesn’t mean to have a kind of ecotourism in these trying times since we are not allowed to cross the borders or to simply go out of town for pleasure. Believe it or not, nature has indeed an amazing healing effect on your mind and body. Without having the possibility to make the outside-the-country trips happen during a pandemic, you can still get connected with nature by nurturing indoor plants at home or by having a small garden in your backyard and try germinating seeds of the plants you want to see there grow in time. Feeding and watering plants and having to see them bloom is also one way to boost your mental health in a way that it pushes you to do something that will satisfy yourself as you bring changes in your environment while waiting for the quarantine to be lifted and for the pandemic to subside.

4. Keep your mind busy

During a pandemic, it is not only your physical body that needs to work out but also your mind. Remember that we are talking about your mental health. While giving yourself a healthy body, you should also take care of your sanity because your mind is the first thing to get easily stressed because of unnecessary thoughts upsetting your psyche during the quarantine period. Read interesting books of your own preference. That way, you are learning a bunch of new things while waiting to have the quarantine lifted. Aside from flipping the pages of a book, you can also enroll in free interactive courses online just in case you find the other one boring or not on the line of your interest. These platforms also provide you a kind of interaction with people virtually even if they are miles away from you. Webinars are also found everywhere. From there you can also find organizations that will be needing help from people who are very much fond of research writing. In any case, you are adept in such activity, you can also offer them a research paper service where you can apply the things you know about the research topics they will give you and even utilize the knowledge you have towards research writing. It’s a pretty productive way of keeping both of yourself and your mind busy in these trying times that usually cause paranoia to people. On the other hand, a lot of government and non-government organizations and companies are giving these workshops or training for free so everyone staying at home could attend anytime and that is one more thing you can do to boost your mental health. Our mind needs a challenge and stimulation for it to be healthy always.

5. Be a good-natured person

In these trying times, you should know how to deal with people with kindness. How you feel about the situation may be different from how other people may perceive it so you must be extra careful when talking to them. The way people respond to situations reflects the status of their mental health. During the quarantine, the compassion of humanity is being challenged. Know when to give helping hands to people in need. If you feel like you are blessed enough to give something to a self-isolating neighborhood and even to charities you know, don’t make any second thought at all. Help them right away. Helping is the name of the game and one of the essential acts we need to consider for us to succor others to survive in the most difficult time of their lives.

6. Communicate

To lessen the burden of your mind thinking about the things that keep you on worrying and may affect your mental health in the long run, learn how to connect with your friends, family, and relatives from a distance. For sure, the reason why a person overanalyzes the situation is because of his anxieties thinking about what is going on with his or her loved ones abroad or in other places. The best way to break overthinking is to keep in touch with them whenever possible.

7. Share your contagious laugh

Some of the medical and health practitioners say that “laughter is the best medicine”. You may be in a tough situation right now that you take almost everything seriously but never forget to laugh sometimes. I am not literally talking about laughing alone like a crazy person because that may be viewed differently as something that goes against good mental health during a lockdown but I am pinpointing of looking for good sources of laughter that you can find in the comforts of your home. During your spare time, try searching for funny videos and clips online that you can share with the other family members at home or your friends and acquaintances along with your other jokes. That way, you are not only making yourself happy but you also share your laughter with other people as well. A good way to spread positivity whilst in a negative situation. Laughter yoga is also good for boosting your mind and well-being. Like physical and mental exercises, laughter is also good in improving your immune system and maintaining your sanity in times of pandemic.

Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) and the other adversities it brings to the world should not take you down. Do something productive and keep your mental health fine no matter how difficult the situation will be. Remember that in this struggling phase of your life, you need to fight to survive!

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