The First Exceptional Law of Time
Time is like a coded system in a flowing river, you can decode it by coming by its drift and hang; men who know and apprehend the time rules this time of information, telecommunication and globalization.

The Second Exceptional Law of Time
Those who work around the clock to meet deadlines, reach milestones and establish baselines, understands the timing; they keep abreast of the times, they have the value of rest at their fingertips and hold the zest for atime of accomplishment.

The Third exceptional law of Time
In a time of building the foundation of new technolohies, it is only the professionals who can put two and two together to hit upon solutions that will create inventions, empower technology and lead innovations.

The Fourth Exceptional Law of Time
Time has come when we do not just develop things but develop people. Time has come when we do not just fill our minds with doing things techniques but doing the right things with right principles.Time has come when we do not just move with speed but move in the right direction. Time has come when we do not control anyone anymore but empower everyone. Time has come when we do not practice the methods for efficiency but make the principles that leads us to our purpose and powerful achievements part of our lives. Time has come when we do not get occupied in the systems to be at the bottom line and get busier with transactions but take ourselves to a top line and be on the system that drives the progress of humanity with transformation.

The Fifth Exceptional Law of Time
Use time wisely and do more in this time and age; do not mark time, make your mark this time.

The sixth Exceptional Law of Time
Let your ideas rule the world. Let your inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability and skills light up the world. From the most wonderful village to the most beautiful city; let your identity inspire all and sundry to aspire and, go in quest of time to come that is full of maturity and dignity.

The Seventh Exceptional Law of Time
Let high your aspirations and let down the aspersion. Do things that appreciate in value with time if you want to have the value of appreciation and perfection at your fingertips. The time to be happy, healthy, produce striking results and live a totally-fulfilled life is now; crown yourself with success this time.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam chiyson

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