Wayanad, the city filled with lush forests, mist-laden mountains, trees all around is considered to be one of the finest places to visit in the Southern part of India. If you have thought of paying a visit to the city but still confused thinking about what things to write in your to-do lists to be done in the city and which places to visit, then this article will help you in finding exciting things to be done and visit. Read on to know more.

1. Ponkuzhi Temple- beginning the trip by chanting God’s name is one of the sacred things to do. Visit this temple dedicated to Lord Rama, Luv Kush and Goddess Sita.

2. Karapuzha Dam- Constructed on the river Kappuzha, the dam built here gives one of the best scenes in the evenings giving you peace and relaxation from your hectic life.

3. Meenmutty Waterfalls- One of the pleasing places to visit in Wayanad giving you immense joy, and delighters in the form of water sprinkles on your face.

4. Sentinel Rock Waterfalls- Situated close to the holiday homes in Wayanad, it is another nature’s creativity giving us extremely beautiful views and a chance to sit back and relax taking a break from life’s busy schedule.

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Let us continue talking about the add-ons in your to-do and visiting list on your trip to Wayanad.

5. Uravu- Female readers are going to love this part. It is shopping time. Uravu is an NGO which sells the best-handcrafted items made by the residents of the place and giving them a platform to increase their sales. So, all set to lighten your pocket buying the best stuff?

6. Time for some jewellery- Who does not like wearing beautiful jewellery designs? We all love to flaunt the best jewellery we have in front of others. Your Wayanad visit will definitely help you in doing so, giving you a chance of buying the best ornaments.

7. Best chefs at your service- You need to try the local cuisine of the city, and if you have come with your girlfriend or wife, or you are on your honeymoon in Wayanad, then bringing the best local food for your spouse can excite him/her.

So, all set to pack your bags, book the tickets and hit the land of Wayanad? Take the above-mentioned points into consideration and enjoy your vacation.

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