Instagram has made several changes in recent years to become an eCommerce-friendly platform. Product tagging and shoppable updates for Stories are two important features that make Instagram-eCommerce so professional.

The best way to develop significant growth in sales for your e-commerce market could be Instagram. So if you want to generate an online market for your brand and get more people around the world or increase sales for your product, use Instagram-eCommerce features.

Whether you're a newcomer or a proven company that wants to reach deeper into the market, encourage more people to purchase your products or services, and create strong brand awareness, Instagram is the way to turn passive users into active clients.

Here are 7 expert ways which will help you to generate successful Instagram-eCommerce sales.

1- Connect your Instagram posts, stories and bio to your ecommerce shop

If you want to promote your ecommerce business on Instagram. You must make use of this great feature. Instagram officially allows for only 1 link in your Instagram bio, and link in Instagram stories for verified account and +10K followers account. However, with helo of an All in one Instagram link tool, you can add multiple links in your bio. And connect posts and stories to external URLs.

2- Convert your Instagram Personal Account to a Business Account

The first step to start Instagram-eCommerce is changing your account profile from personal to business. This option provides a professional-looking profile and allows you to pull your Facebook contact information while keeping shoppable links from Instagram. It also provides weekly information about the number of views and clicks on your posts. Here is an example of a business account.

How to switch from a personal to a business account

It's simple to switch your private Instagram account to a business account. Just follow these steps:
Open the settings of your account and select "Switch to Business Profile" option.
Sign in to your Facebook account, but make sure you have the Facebook page's admin rights. You will be requested to choose the Facebook page to which you want to connect your business page.

Then you will be asked to put at least one item of contact details for your Instagram business page. It can be a number to call or an email address for customer service.

3- Discover the feature that performs most beneficial for you on Instagram

Many people feel that Instagram is just about posting images. But, the app offers different features and services that can help you effectively promote your product or service. If you want to increase your Instagram-eCommerce sales, you have to learn how to use these features.

You should try various features and determine the one for your product or service that works best. A powerful and very helpful feature is Instagram stories.

You can post a video or image. You can also take various kinds of videos, including boomerang, superzoom, or anything else.

Instagram Stories will disappear after just 24 hours. But, if you have a new product, an exciting event, or a limited time deal and create a sense of exclusivity or urgency, it's a great way to pique the attention of your target group.

4- Aim Your Strategy for Your Content

Your strategy for publishing content should focus on a niche market. The more specific you are to your target audience, the more quickly your followers and Instagram-eCommerce Sales grow.

Before you begin, you must decide your niche. Look at your core fans and clients. Are there trends in this group's age, sex, place, or interest? Instead, do your products have an obvious target audience?

Create High-Quality Content for Your audience

If you want to run an Instagram-eCommerce sale for a long time, it is necessary to make sure your content is high-quality, as it's the key on Instagram to engage with your target audience.

Posting video and images with higher quality will bring more engagement from your target audience. Organic likes and comments, satisfy your need to Instagram likes apps and you will grow really organiclu and quickly.

Thousands of videos and pictures are published on Instagram every day. If yours has a lack of creativity or is not unique, your content is most likely to get lost in this flood.

Luckily, Instagram provides a lot of features to help you produce snappy, humorous, and eloquent content. You need to give a little spirit to your Instagram posts, in other words.

To generate high-value content for your audience, use high-quality photography, catchy captions and engaging post descriptions.

5- Save Your Time by Scheduling Your Plan

If you want to have great Instagram-eCommerce sales, you need to be consistent with your posting on your feed and story. Posting every day or even every couple of hours need spending so much time and a busy one is not able to do it.

So you can create your content in advance and set a plan for publishing them. There are a lot of apps that schedule the time of releasing your content and make it easy for you. You can compare the top 5 apps to schedule Instagram stories and posts in this article and choose the better one for yourself.

You can easily upload posts you want to send at a time using schedulers, and they will automatically be posted on your Instagram. This is really good because you can prepare all the posts you want to share over the course of a week and you can do other tasks you have without worrying about forgetting it.

6- Create a Hashtag Strategy

Without the appropriate hashtags, promoting the product on Instagram is completely impossible. Hashtags are the keywords that will be used by the target market to search for the details they need.

For example if your niche is selling watches, you can use these hashtags:


You are allowed to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in every post. But to make sure that your content fits your target audience, you need to find appropriate hashtags. By discovering the hashtags your rivals, industry influencers, and followers often use, you can begin your hashtag analysis.

You should also have your own hashtag that includes your business name. This will make you unique and recognizable in the worlds of hashtags.

7- Creating Stories With Product Links Instagram

Instagram stories keep on going to grow in popularity, and there are over 500 million daily active users in the app – which is twice what Snapchat has!

So, this is no wonder that marketers continue to find new and productive ways to use this feature to generate Instagram-eCommerce sales.

Instagram Stories offer brands with the ideal chance to engage more often and directly with the targeted community. Several brands use Instagram Stories to introduce their products, highlight special offers or show new items.

Once you attach a link to Instagram Stories, you will see a short arrow, and at the bottom of your photo, you will see "See More" text. Since this small text may go unnoticed, for added exposure, you may add text that directs users to "Swipe Up" (or something similar). This feature is only available to verified accounts and accounts with over 10K followers. However, you still can add links to Instagram stories, even without 10000 followers.

8- Develop Collaborations with Influencers of Instagram

Instagram influencers remain popular as partnerships and endorsements have almost replaced other kinds of ads and are a big part of today's social media strategies. Consumers today have no interest in traditional advertising – they believe people they love.

Marketing by influencers provides a unique platform for businesses to meet an active audience. Although spending large amounts of money in influencer marketing can initially seem like a risk but it is important to understand precisely what you're paying for.

Author's Bio: 

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing strategist & a guest blogger on various websites. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.