I'm on day 6 of using the 7 figure Networker, meaning I only have one day left before I pay my first payment to be an official member of this system.  What I found out about this system is what I am going to discuss in this article and why you should get it and why you shouldn't.

Now everything in the 7figurenetworker system is pretty awesome in terms of web copy, traffic to lead conversion, and ease of use.  I mean if you have some good knowledge about online marketing, if you know how to create your own self hosted blog, and have knowledge of how an auto-responder works, then you can have the seven figure networker working for you on day 1 producing results.

But if you don't know to much about online marketing and it's your first venture online then it will probably take you more time to get things going using Jonathan Budd's 7 Figure Networker.  But don't let that scare you off because inside there are video tutorials that you can watch and pause at anytime to get your campaigns up and running so you can start creating results as well.

So I ventured into this 7Figure networker system not really knowing what to expect.  The training inside was really top notch here's how you do it marketing where I learned some incredible new things.  This was a surprise to me because I bought almost everything in the network marketing training world and still learned a lot in the back office.

It was very easy for me to start generating results because I knew how to get traffic and how to leverage off of my own traffic to send to the 7 figure networker system.  In total I generated about 30 + leads and got one sale which will net about $17 per month for me.

There are some great capture pages in the system that you are exposed to which convert very well.  I used one on my blog that converts right now at 30% from all the traffic that is being sent to it and it's the same capture page anyone who buys the 7 figure networkers can use as well.

But What I think is the key component to making all this work is to be prepared to contact your leads.  Many people think that internet network marketing you can just do everything all at the push of a button.  Now don't get me wrong you can definitely do this if your producing 100+ leads per day, but when your first getting started you need to show the prospect that there is a real person behind the 7 figure networker website.

So in conclusion you want to get this system if your not generating at least 20+ leads for yourself right now, it will help you and hold you by the hand and show you what you need to be doing right now to create results.

You probably don't need the 7 figure networker system if you are already over 20+ leads a day and already have a great formula that is working to get newbies off the ground fast and you have awesome training platform for them as well.


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