Flowers are an outstanding gifts that someone would give, if you happen to be in an occasion and you want to send them to people you care about, don't waste your time and money offline. Instead head to one of the known online companies which deliver flowers by mail, and they will send your arrangement to any place you specify.

On the other hand, if you receive a bouquet from someone else, you need to take care of them so they last as long as possible. The average time fresh flowers could last is from: 4 days to even 2 weeks depending on their type, quality and of course your care of them. Here are some tips which help your flowers stay for the longest time period possible:

1- When you receive them, try to put them into a vase filled with water mixed with flower's flood which you can get from your florist. Just make sure you follow the mixing directions on the food packet. Doing this will make them last longer and allow you to enjoy them even longer.

2- Don't remove your flowers from water, doing this will make them evaporate while not absorbing anything.

3- If you want to reduce evaporation, you need to constantly remove lower leaves.

4- Flowers always need fresh environment; if you see that the solution of food and water is becoming cloudy, replace the solution entirely.

5- Falling leaves could make a serious problem to your flower freshness; you need to constantly remove fall leaves into water. Leaving them their, could create bacteria which will shorten your flower's life.

6- Try to constantly (every few days) cut stems by a sharp knife (don't use scissors), by doing that you'll prevent air balls that block water from getting absorbed. When you cut them, try to put your flowers or roses directly onto the solution

7- Temperature is a very important factor here, so try to put your flowers away from sunlight at (50 to 70°F) because heat can shorten your flower's life by causing them to dehydrate. Also, keep in mind that vents (cool or hot) could ruin your flowers.

So if you happen to receive those flowers by mail or any other source, you need to apply these tips in order to enjoy your fresh flowers as long as possible. Who said silk and plastic flowers are better than real ones?

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