Lives of happy people can teach us great lessons such as productivity and giving to the less fortunate. All happy people have some habits in common that make them distinct and a lot happier than others. Here is a list of 7 habits of happy people which you will find in almost all of them.

1. Learn To Say Yes
Happy people have the habit of saying yes to every good thing that comes their way without fear and hesitation. These people are always found making their way towards new and interesting things. They will go out with friends, go mountaineering, participate in pillow fights, and read new books while everybody else is still planning how to spend their weekend.

2. Don’t Be Hesitant To Say Thank You
Happy people are always grateful people. They do not hesitate in practicing gratitude to acknowledge their blessings. While other people may only resort to a thank you upon receiving a gift, happy people are thankful for every meal, every smile they get, and are thankful to you for every text you send them.

3. Do Not Bad Mouth Other People
Happy people are found to be nicer because they do not think bad thoughts or speak bad things about other people. Doing good things for other people helps you feel a lot better always. Although, occasional gossip with close friends helps you have a good laugh, do not end up making people the butt of all your jokes resulting in them feeling bad.

4. Laugh Out Loud
Laughing is healthy. It brings you out of depressive moods. This is why it is good that you engage with people with whom you can burst out laughing at least once in a week. Happy people look at the positive sides of their live and do not take things too seriously.

5. Become a Good Listener
Happy people are also known to be good listeners. They are never judgmental about other people and do not rush to tell how they feel about you or other people. They prefer listening without developing assumptions which allows others to pour out their thoughts in an open and frank manner.

6. Have Faith
Happy people have faith in the existence of something. regardless of what religion they belong to, they have firm belief that there is a power that controls the entire seen and unseen aspects of the world whether that be God or some other force. Faith helps people develop a connection with humanity in a better way as well as allows them to remain modest.

7. Learn To Accept Flaws and Failures in Life
There is no one in the world leads a flawless life. Happy people are found to spend their lives into believing they are not perfect and should constantly thrive to make things better as well as discover new things. Even when they are striving to bring out the best, they never fail to accept failures.

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