Recently, I have been itching for a change and I decided I should come up with ways to make myself feel better, to achieve more, learn something new and do something for the first time. Yes, there are times like this in our lives, when we simply want to escape from the routine and feel the excitement this life has to offer! Here are a few things that I want to change about my daily routine and you can try them too!

1. Acquire a new skill. For instance, I want to learn how to knit. Yes, this became a new passion of mine, since I watched a few interesting knitted products and patterns over and over again and I decided I want to be able to create something with my own hands! The joy of that is amazing and I have never considered myself talented, so I would love to experience that feeling! Besides, I hope soon enough, I will have kids and I will be able to knit stuff for them.

2. Engage in exercises. Do you know what will make you feel good - a firm butt, firm breasts, flat belly. You don't have to go to the gym, spend a collosal amount of money, or even spend too much time. Here are a few things you can try:

- Walk around the house, or climb the stairs while talking on the phone. This is a good exercise, especially if you spend hours talking to your friends, boyfriend, sister, etc.

- Burn calories with cleaning. According to professional cleaners from Blackburn, cleaning chores will help you burn up to 200 calories! If you don't believe me try gardening or sweeping and mopping the floors and see for yourself.

- Spend 15 minutes exercising before taking a shower. Doing it before shower, will help you easily turn it into a routine activity and a habit. Not to mention it is convenient, since you probably don't do that much before shower either way.

3. Learn how to do massages. There are various ways you can help your body feel better and look better. From breast firming and enlargening massages to ones that will help your loved one relax after a long day at work, it is worth looking at some tutorials and reading a few articles. There is an unbelievable power in the massages.

4.Learn how to cook healthier dishes. One of the reason we don't eat healthy is simply because all the recipes we know and feel comfortable with are unhealthy. Learn how to prepare something new, healthy and tasty.

5. Spend some alone time with your husband/wife. It is easy to grow apart when your routines are so busy and separate you from one another. In that case try and spend every possible minute together. You can shower together - for 10 minutes not only you will manage to catch up with the day of the other person, but you will feel intimate, and who knows, you might take it to the bedroom. This is a way to keep the fire burning.

6. Spend more time pampering yourself. Spend more time on your body and good looks. Use natural beauty products, that you can easily make yourself. How does it sound to make your own yoghurt and strawberry mask. Sounds good, doesn't it? It is also easy to do! There are a lot of recipes, some of which I will try to post here later.

7. Start a journal. Everyone of us lives a life worth remembering! And if you think you don't have enough interesting moments in your life, maybe a journal will help and inspire you to search more thrilling experiences!

If you want more on habits here is another useful piece of information on why people with solid cleaning habits are more successful:

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Dana Barker Davies is an owner of cleaning business across Melbourne, including cleaners from Malvern. Her interests however expand far beyond the cleaning topic, since she once graduated with Psychology and Criminology. Even though she is now in the business field, her interest in psychology keeps her writing and exploring further ways to be successful and achieving.