Whether it's in the Salon or on stage, Joey Marchese is Bob + Paige's samurai of styling, and an award-winning Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks, Artist. Here are some of his favorite tools of the trade:

1) Powder Spray

If you want to add volume and texture, powders are the best way to go. They certainly were originally designed for hair shows and photoshoots, and you'd sprinkle it onto the hair. If you've never used powders before, I suggest OSiS+ Session Label Powder Cloud by Schwarzkopf. It is available in a tiny pump bottle, and so you can spray it where you want it. Apply it at the roots after blow-drying roots for lift, or additional hold each day, especially when it's damp and humid. It may also add texture to ends and make hair look piecey. You can followup with hairspray for additional hold when you're ready setting the look. Additionally, it is great for people who wish to revamp their style without washing and blow-drying because you can re-model hair each day together with your fingers.

2) Super Light Hairdryer

When I'm at shows, I use a professional dryer by Schwarzkopf, but at the Salon near me, you will discover me holding the Parlux Advance. It is a great everyday dryer that I would suggest to clients because it's light with many heat and ionic settings. I like deploying it myself as it comes with an ergonomic handle with well-positioned buttons. All of this creates an easier, static-free dry. Oh, and it's hushed too!

3) Cream

I love OSiS+ Session Label Miracle 15 cream because it's a lot of benefits, including hydrating, anti-frizz, and moisturizing. It's a lightweight prep product, and I put it to use before or to follow a blow-dry, on wet or dry hair. As a finisher, it's great to prevent flyaways and adds a lot of shine. Add one pump to your hand, then cocktail it (a fancy term we hair stylists use to mean mix it up!) with mousse or perhaps a blow-drying cream. Apply from root to ends, then comb it through, so you get a nice even balance. Blow-dry, then re-apply a quarter pump from mid shaft to ends for shine and hydration. Followup with Powder Cloud for volume, and set your look with hairspray. You'll get an extremely soft silky finish.

4) Ceramic-Coated Round Brush

FI Hair makes great barrel brushes! The Gretchen model does not have any seams, so hair doesn't get caught in the handle. It also offers nylon bristles and an excellent grip so you can extend curly hair for an extremely smooth finish. You will get the flat model for adding volume or the concave one for a bit of bend in the hair.

5) Volumizing Mousse

I use mousse whenever I blow dry and when I'm doing hair shows. I like Schwarzkopf's OSiS+ Session Label Volumizing Root Spray Mousse because it provides lots of control, and you need to use it for both wavy and flat styles. Cocktail it with a blow-drying product or perhaps a smoothing serum, apply it to roots of damp hair, then blow-dry.

6) Curling Wand

Everyone needs a wand or curling iron! I use one with four interchangeable attachments so I can produce a range of curls. For best results, pick one with high temperature; nevertheless, you should put it to use with a heat-resistant glove, so you never burn yourself while getting the ends across the iron. I've several burns on my hand because I never use a glove. Hazards of the task!

7) Super Dry Hairspray

My favorite is the OSiS+ Session Label Strong Hold Hairspray. If you're buying, you can of hairspray, here is the one you'll need because it's both a working and finishing product. With a damp spray, you get that sizzling from your tool, but the great thing about the thing that one is that it's a micro-mist spray with a dry finish, so not sticky at all. It's the capability to hold hair, but you can still run the hands through it! Additionally, it is very versatile. You need to use it following a wash, before using your wand and for setting your look. If I'm doing a trend set, I spray it section-by-section, use the wand then spray again to set. It surely gives control of your styling.

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