Rose oil is the most beneficial of all the essential oils. Distilled from the Rosa Damascena, rose essential oil contains properties found in nearly every other essential oil-all in one neat package. It’s also versatile; rose essential oil can be mixed with massage oil to create a luxurious (and healthful) massage or it can be added to bathwater. It can also be used in aromatherapy lamps. In addition to being versatile, consider the following health benefits of rose essential oil:

Rose Essential Oil is an Antidepressant

Rose essential oil relieves anxiety, a dangerous condition that can lead to depression. It also increases confidence and self-esteem which reduces depression. Rose essential oil is often used in therapy or rehab to spurn feelings of happiness, hope and joy.

Rose Essential Oil is an Aphrodisiac

There’s a reason people give roses to their partners, and it’s not just because roses are pretty. Just smelling rose essential oil can arouse you and increase your libido. Its scent also increases romantic feelings and increases interest in sexual activity. It can even reduce erectile dysfunction and other symptoms of sexual problems.

Rose essential oil lowers fevers

Rose essential oil can reduce inflammation, lowering a high fever. This makes it a natural alternative to tylenol.

Rose essential oil can help women

Rose essential oil helps regulate menstruation and reduces conditions associated with PMS such as hormonal imbalance, bloating, cramping, and mood swings. It can also reduce excessive period bleeding and uterine discharge. Long-term effects of rose essential oil can delay menopause and reduce the likelihood of tumors forming.

Rose essential oil protects your blood

Rose essential oil helps reduce toxin levels in your blood, meaning that it essentially acts as a blood purifier. Toxins can cause everything from boils to ulcers. In addition, the free radicals found in blood toxins can cause serious conditions like cancer or heart disease.

Rose essential oil is a hepatic

Rose essential oil promotes liver health by preventing infections. This reduces ulcers which are caused by excess bile and acids.

Rose essential oil is a beatification tool

Rose essential oil helps keep skin hydrated, which reduces the likelihood of conditions such as dandruff or dry skin. Its ability to eliminate free radicals improves skin health and slows down the appearance of aging. According to, rose essential oil’s miraculous anti aging properties are caused by stimulating collagen synthesis, which helps lighten wrinkles.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Aviva Hill Romm, Board Certified Family Physician, freelance editor and writer.