When someone mentions the word “herbs,” you might think of putting some oregano in your spaghetti sauce or even growing your own little herb garden. Herbs have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes.

Since you are looking to improve your focus and
concentration, then it is a good idea to expand your herb knowledge. Yes, you can even grow an indoor herb garden, that will scent your house before you cut and consume it.

While herbs may be consumed in food or inhaled directly from the bottle or heated to fill the room with scent, you can also have tea. Even though coffee is very popular, many people and countries for that matter, much prefer to drink tea. Herbal tea can be bought at the health food store or you can make your own at home.

Let’s have a look at herbs, roots and teas for increased focus and clarity.

1. Rosemary is a herb that you can add to your spaghetti sauce. It has a wonderful taste. Rosemary is very popular as an essential oil, that you can place on your skin or just inhale. It is very beneficial in boosting your memory retention and helping you to perform mental tasks.

2. Brahmi is a herb that has been used to improve focus and concentration. It has also been shown to relieve stress and anxiety, which are two things that would inhibit your ability to focus clearly.

3. Rhodiola is not really a herb but is put in the same field as it works like one. It is actually a root that reduces stress and boosts both the brain and physical performance. It is quite a super root since studies have shown it has positive effects on reducing depression and helping to reduce the amount of mental fatigue that you are experiencing.

4. Another root that you can try, comes from Peru. The maca root can be used in powder form, to help with memory loss and your poor concentration if you are suffering from a lack of energy.

5. Bacopa is from the Ayurveda medical system. It works to stimulate concentration and boost your memory.

6. Gotu kola makes a wonderful tea for boosting the circulation of blood to the brain. When the brain is being fed properly, it is then possible to focus and concentration properly. This wonderful tea also works on memory retention.

7. Ginseng is probably the best known of all the special teas. There are many varieties and it is quite prized throughout the world. Ginseng tea tastes the best with a dab of honey in it. The tea has long been shown to improve focus and give you an energy boost.

Making your own tea is a special little hobby that some people really enjoy. You will need to purchase a few items and then you can experiment making your own tea, that you can use for curing colds, flu and of course increasing your focus. The first thing you need to do, is purchase a nice little tea pot and gauze tea bag containers. This container is about twice the length of a traditional tea bag, so that you can put your herbs inside and then tie it off at the top.

When you are making tea from fresh herbs, you want to
make your tea and use it right away. Dried herbs can be stored and used at a later date. When you put your teabag inside the pot and add boiling water, steep it longer than normal tea bags…approximately five minutes. Then pour and if desired, add a touch of honey.

A great tea to increase your focus is a mixture of ginko and St. John’s wart. You can also look at putting a couple of wolf berries in there as well.
Experiment, have fun and get focused. A caution here.

It is recommended that if you are on a prescription medication or have any issues with allergies, that you consult your doctor before using any new herbs.

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Throughout a career in engineering and project management with a family then afterward as an author working from home, a laser focus, concentration and optimizing, prioritizing schedule has been critical for his success.

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