The year 2019 is midway through and before you are caught up with festive organizing or seasonal maintenance, renovating your house with new home décor trends can be a great idea indeed –

#Trend 1:

Incorporate Wall Paintings with Pictures
Instead of framed pictures that take up lots of space, the new trend is to use wooden bars horizontally or vertically and hang as many as 30 images on adjustable twines with the help of wooden clips. Get wall paintings done on the main wall or side walls of the living room or bedroom and hang the pictures with wooden hanging frames. You can also attach parts of frames on different walls to categorize the photographs.

#Trend 2:

Adding Green Touch inside the Room
For creating contrasting color combination on the living room walls, a bit of greenery on geometrical white ceramic vases will look excellent. The triangular 4.3inches vases can be hung with copper brackets, and while Love Kankei offers you a set of two vases, you can easily go for a few sets to create an indoor plant adorned wall. Money plant, lucky bamboo, succulents, cactus, air plants, flowering shrubs, and even artificial plants will add a soothing touch to the room.

#Trend 3:

Keep Décor Items on Floating Shelves
Another geometrical touch on your bedroom, living room, study or drawing room walls can be the rustic wooden floating shelves which come as a set of six –three 6.5inches wide U-shaped wooden shelves and three square-shaped shelves with 7.5inches, 9.5inches, and 11.5inches sides. Place showpieces, picture frames, candles or even small-sized potted plants on or inside these frames which can be grouped as per your wish.

#Trend 4:

Show Your Jewelry on Wall Mounted Organizer
Who said that jewelry organizers could not be home décor items? The 44cm x 22cm metal and wooden jewelry organizer mounted on the wall of your bedroom or dressing corner will be the perfect accessory to show-off how many neckpieces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. you possess and how immaculately you arrange them! 30 holes for earrings, two metal rails, seven hooks and a metal wire in shape of ‘beauty’ will be there to arrange your ornaments.

#Trend 5:

Arrange Static Goods on a Wall Grid Panel
Keeping your static goods and décor items, as well as potted indoor plants arranged in a single space, is possible with the metal grid panel hung on the wall. Love Kankei offers a set of two grids with five wood clips and five hooks, a pen holder, a hanging net for keeping documents, a letter frame for postcards and greeting cards and also a hanging basket for keeping indoor plants, keys, letters, office supplies, and stationery in separate compartments.

#Trend 6:

Keep Books and Showpieces on Rustic Wall Shelves
Instead of hefty furniture, the 42cm x 30cm wooden wall shelves with large capacity will be more trendy and useful to keep books, heavy statues, awards, potted plants, and even wine bottles. If you want to create more drama, go for the three shelves with 9inches, 13inches and 17inches width to keep smaller sized showpieces. You can regroup these shelves according to your need.

#Trend 7:

Show Your Memories on the Shadow Box Display Case
An 8inches x 10inches display box can act as a picture or memoir gallery to your house where you can hang pictures, drawings, postcards, invitation cards, certificates, and even medals. The rustic wooden frame will give a new dimension to your hallways or staircase landing and keep your memories safe from damage with the glass door.
From wall shelves to picture frames, there are various décor accessories to add in your house and no matter whether you are moving into a new home or renovating it, these ideas are applicable for both.

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