Acid reflux is not really a reason to worry much. Relax and put your mind at ease because here are some best natural remedies that you can follow to get rid of all the symptoms.

These seven remedies have been proven to show a great impact in treating acid reflux and reducing the symptoms effectively.

1. Include Ginger In Your Daily Diet

Ginger is that one medicinal and tasty spice which can be effortlessly added to any of your dishes. You just have to make sure that you consume this ingredient on a regular basis by adding it into any of your dishes.
Ginger works the best for acid reflux because it contains anti-inflammatory properties which will relieve you from the symptoms of nausea and heartburn.

2. Carom Seeds Or Ajwain

I bet, there is no remedy other than ajwain to cure indigestion because these herbal seeds are composed of an ingredient called thymol which works the best for any kind of problems associated with indigestion like bloating, gastritis, acid reflux or an abnormal belching.
Make a simple habit of chewing one tablespoon of carom seeds right after your meals and you will see the best result within a few weeks. You can also add grated and crushed ginger powder to this or chew these seeds with a pinch of salt.

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3. Aloe-Vera Juice For Acid Reflux

Aloe-Vera, as it is most commonly believed, is not only used to treat skin problems but is also used as one of the best remedies to treat acid reflux. Aloe-Vera contains anti-inflammatory properties which is why it can work wonders in reducing the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion.

It is usually recommended to consume eight ounces of this extremely medicinal juice early in the morning to reduce the intensity of your symptoms.

4. Best Fruits That Fight Acid Reflux

A bowl full of fresh fruits is exactly what you need to stay active and energetic. But, when you suffer from a condition like acid reflux, you cannot really consume all kinds of fruits because citrus fruits can cause much irritation in your stomach.

So, here is the list of some best fruits that can reduce the effect of your symptoms and help you get rid of acid reflux.

1) Apples
2) Watermelon
3) Peaches
4) Papaya
5) Figs
6) Bananas

The best time to include these fruits is one to two hours before your lunch. Consuming fruits before your lunch will reduce your hunger pangs and this way you can make sure that you are consuming the food in limited amounts.

5. Clove To Reduce Heartburn

Apart from using cloves in spicy dishes, you can also chew them occasionally at regular intervals which is one of the best remedies to get rid of acid reflux symptoms like indigestion and heartburn. This is because cloves are responsible for producing saliva to help you get rid of nausea.

Apart from being an excellent remedy for acid reflux, the special aroma of cloves helps in keeping you away from bad breath.

6. Do You Take A Nap Soon After Your Meals?

You have to agree with me if I say that you feel drowsy and sleepy headed soon after you have had your meals. But, this is exactly what aggravates your symptoms as you are giving a chance for the food in your stomach to move upwards towards your chest by lying down immediately after having your meals.

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If you really cannot avoid this, you can raise your spirits and elevate your mood by entertaining yourself with some nice hip-hop music or the kind of music that immediately pumps up your energy levels.

7. Always Sleep On Your Left Side

This is the most common tip that has to be followed by people suffering from acid reflux or GERD and it is because the internal structural design of your stomach is in such a way that sleeping on your right side can aggravate your acid reflux symptoms.

Make yourself feel comfortable and find a good suitable position if you face any difficulty to sleep into your left side.

Things To Be Avoided If You Are Looking For Ways To Get Rid Of Acid Reflux

 Oily and greasy foods
 Cheese
 Spicy foods
 Citrus fruits
 Cigarettes
 Alcohol
 Chocolates
 Foods with high-fat content

Hope the detailed description of the acid reflux causes and these seven remedies and tips will help you in getting rid of acid reflux and its symptoms. Follow these remedies and have a healthy and happy gut!

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