I am the worst offender when it comes to disorganizing our garage. I know I am not the only offender in the family. Even though I am a professional organizer and I know better I am really good at doing a number on our garage. I routinely organize it twice a year. Once in the spring before it gets too hot and in the fall before it gets too cold. Each year it takes less time for me to get it organized because I have places for everything and mostly I just have to put things in their place. But there are those rogue items that have been stuck here and there such as tools or empty boxes that have been kept in case there is a use for them later.

We can effortlessly collect a lifetime’s worth of treasures or should I say clutter without even knowing what we are doing. Reducing clutter and organizing what we keep can help us feel lighter and be happier.

When getting rid of clutter think of it as simplifying your life, your surroundings and your space. Throwing things away does not mean you are getting rid of memories. It means you are making room for new, memories and creating more space.

Getting rid of clutter can mean that everything you keep is organized in a way that you can find it when you need it or want it. It brings great peace of mind to be able to find something when you need it and not have to search for it; which wastes time and is so frustrating.

1. Store items that are kept in the garage or basement in plastic bins with tight-fitting lids. I recommend using the opaque bins which are heavier than the see-through ones. In cold and hot temperature extremes the heavier bins do not break as easy. Paper boxes absorb moisture and they break down. Be sure to label the boxes with the contents because even if you think you’ll remember what is inside you might not.

2. If you are holding onto things because you may want to use them some day like old pots and pans, dishes or books just let them go. Donate them so someone else can use and enjoy them. You’ll be blessing your life and their live too.

3. Keep all yard tools together. Install inexpensive portable shelves for tools and other items. Hang items from nails or hooks such as shovels, rakes, hoes, hoses and lawn chairs.

4. It is important to have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in the basement and garage. Remember to change the batteries. A good time to change them is when the time changes.

5. Keep a first aid kit in the garage. Know where it is and be sure you can reach it in case of an emergency. Keep it well stocked. Mount a fire extinguisher in the garage and be sure you and your family know how to use it. Go through the directions on how to use it every three to six months.

6. It is a good idea to carry a cell phone or cordless phone when working in the garage or in a room that is tucked away in the basement in case of an emergency. Have a designated place to place the phone so it can be easily found.

7. In the winter months keep ice/snow melt handy. Organize it so it is close to the other snow removal tools. Keep it in a plastic container as this makes getting rid of clutter easy as there are no empty bags scattered about after they are emptied.

Getting rid of clutter in the garage or basement is easier when items have designated places to “live”, storage is contained in bins and all like items are kept together.

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