7 human emotions that will cause you to love yourself more deeply
and completely which will result in a better quality of life

Listen to me, learning to love yourself more will have an enormously positive effect on all areas of your life.

When you love yourself, you'll be less tempted to overeat or to spend way beyond your means. You'll be less likely to get into an intimate relationship with someone who mentally, verbally or physically abuses you.

We all have the desire to love ourselves more but not all of us women tackle that challenge and really go for it. We put the responsibly on someone else who will never live up to our standards.

But you have the power to take on that responsibility. You have got to challenge yourself so that you can grow past your comfort zone. Sounds scary doesn't it? It is but trust me it's a fear worth overcoming.

Because it's the only way to make major change in your life. Yes, change sometimes happens gradually too but it takes massive action to get the momentum going.

Human emotion is a very powerful tool that you can use to get the momentum going. You can use it to drive yourself beyond your comfort zone in a positive way. Thankfully that choice is yours to make.

Here are 7 human emotions that will force you to grow in a more positive direction. That direction will ultimately make the biggest impact on your life.

Powerful human emotions that you can begin using today

Curiosity. It arouses a very strong interest to do, know or learn something of importance.

Longing. This emotion is a desire for a particular outcome or result. This emotion will push you to do things that are uncomfortable because you strongly desire the result you long for.

Hope. This human emotion will keep you up at night. Hope will take you beyond what you think you are capable of. This emotion is sure to take you out of your comfort zone.

Generosity. Generosity is about giving but it's also about receiving. You must be a good receiver first and a good giver second.

Pride. Pride in who you are and what you stand for has the power to guide your life in the right direction. But don't be prideful or boastful that will cause negative effects in your life. No one is an island, so no one accomplishes anything spectacular without help.

Amusement. Having a sense of amusement towards life will give you an all-around more enjoyable experience. Who says life has to be serious to be meaningful?

Passion. Passion is an intense human emotion that can be used to forcefully propel you forward in life. Having real passion for something will ignite a fire inside of you that will not be easily put out.

This is such a small list of human emotions, 7 to be exact, but these 7 human emotions can enrich your life in meaningful and sometimes unexpected ways.

I want you to step up to the challenge. I want you to challenge yourself by using one of these human emotions to enhance your life and focusing on it for the next 30 days.

Once you master it move to the next one. See for yourself how these emotions can affect your life.

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Michelle Sears is the author of a self esteem building website that is packed full of information. Her site was created to help people just like you create a deep loving relationship with yourself. A relationship that will affect every single area of your life - in a good way. Visit her on her website at http://www.selfesteem-building.com or on her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/selfesteembuilding