Do you know every year almost 4-5 million people are attacked by dog and most of them are children? The reason is children tend to disturb the dog when they run quickly and sound loudly. And children do not know how to treat a dog. As a result they sometimes become aggressive to dog and even hurt the dog. In that time the dog has nothing to do but attack as he cannot flee.
To prevent your child from dog attack, you should know some rules that help to prevent your child from attack. Such as teaching your child how to behave with dog, or train your dog with Best wireless dog fence or dog collar
that helps your dog to understand not to attack.
Here are the 7 important rules to protect your child from dog attack.

Rules#1. Do not approach a lose dog

Teach your children not to approach any lose dog or dog in a chain even if it seems very friendly. Dogs are always serious about protecting their area or stuff. If the dog is with the owner, ask the permission before approaching and always start with let the dog sniff your shoe, leg or hand. Also, teach your children not to do any jerky or hustle movement around the dog.

Rules#2. Avoid playing with dogs

As previously mentioned, children do not know how to treat a dog. As a result when they play with dog, they can hurt the dog. Furthermore, children run quickly that make them a target of the dog. So it is better not to play with dogs unless the parents or any other adults are present. In addition, teach your children not play when the dog is not in mood. Remember, dog has like and unlike too.

Rules#3. Be a tree

Teach your children to be tree when the dog approaches them. That means no running or quick moving. Running is a normal indication or response of a danger. But it becomes more dangerous when it is doing around dogs because it excites the dog to chase. You know chasing is the natural instinct of any animal. Also most of the dog just sniff and go away. So teach your children to stay calm and not to run. And move slowly after the leaving of the dog.

Rules#4. Do not disturb a dog

You know, children do not have the sense when to approach a dog. As a result they can disturb a dog when they are eating or sleeping or not in mood. Teach your children that do not disturb a dog when he is in his own crate or when he is eating or sleeping. Remember, a dog has his own comfort and breaking that comfort can make them aggressive.

Rules#5. No eye contact

Some dog, obviously not all dogs, think eye contact as a challenge. And when they feel someone challenge them, they can do each and every thing to win. You know what does win mean right? So always teach your children that he/she should not make any kind of eye contact with dog. When see a dog, just ignore him and it will make the dog feel that he is not a target or threat.

Rules#6. Stay away from a dog with any resources

It is always recommended that keep away your kids from a dog with resources. The reason is, many dogs are resource-guarding minded. They love their resources like food or toys and do not want share these with anyone else. They tend to keep those things only to themselves. Maybe it is not any big deal for adults but for children it is dangerous. So keep your children away from any dogs with resources.

Rules#7. Understand body language

Teach your children about the body language of dogs. How an anxious or agitated dog looks like or how a dog that is in attacking mood looks like. For example, you can identify a scared dog by noticing following things. His ears are standing up; the tail is straight up, the teeth s growling and baring, etc. An anxious dog can be identified by following ways. He try to make himself look smaller by lowering his head, shrinking himself into a crouch, putting the tail between his legs, continually licking its lips, flattening his ears back and gaping. So understanding the body language can help your children avoid dog attacks.


Always remember, though dog attacks on children are not very common but when it occurs it could damage seriously. So try to follow the rules mentioned above and also try to use Best wireless dog fence or Dog Collar to teach your dog his limit. As a parents or guardian please take every possible steps to ensure the safety of your children.

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