In the search for healthy and delicious superfruits, the western world has finally caught up with the Gac fruit. This superfruit is a native in several Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, it can also be found in South China and even in the Northeastern parts of Australia. Being new to western consumers Gac fruit benefits are causing a stir in health communities.

Here are some interesting facts about the gac fruit that will spark more interest in this odd and spiky looking Asian superfruit:

#1 - An Ancient Southeast Asia Secret

Gac is now just making its waves in the western world, but this fruit has actually been a cherished fruit in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. The fruit is even referred to as the "fruit from heaven" due to its long list of health benefits when consumed. It is about time this superfruit gets the recognition it deserves.

#2 - The Gac Has Many Names

Since the fruit grows in different countries, it has earned itself a long list of aliases. Common names for the fruit are Baby Jackfruit, Chinese Cucumber, Chinese Bitter Cucumber, Giant Spine Gourd, Cochinchin Gourd, the Sweet Gourd. The name for gac may change depending on the region, but its distinct color and spiny skin is recognizable anywhere.

#3 - Short Harvest Season

One of the reasons why gac is so precious is its very short and limited harvest season. The fruits are only ready for harvest between December and January, which means they aren’t available all year. If you get a chance to taste the fruit, grab it while you can!

#4 - Plant Lifespan

Although the fruits are only ripe for the picking for two short months in a year, the actual gac plant actually has a relatively impressive lifespan for a 6-meter long vine. Thriving vines that are well-cared for can live between 10 to 12 years.

#5 - Surprising Taste

At first glance at the fruit’s exterior spiny skin and its deep red interior, one may think that the taste will be strong and very distinct. It may come as a surprise for many first-time gac eaters that the taste is actually very mild, just like an avocado.

#6 - Higher Fat Content

The many gac fruit benefits revolve around its high lycopene and beta-carotene levels, which are great for the skin and overall health. However, the fruit also has a higher than average fat content of 7-10% which make the nutrients in the superfruit easy to absorb, adding to its health benefits.

#7 - Consuming The Gac

There are two ways to consume the fruit: eat or drink. In Vietnam, the seeds of the fruit are cooked with sticky rice and eaten during the Tet holiday. In the western world, the juice of the fruit is consumed as most are in ready to drink cans.

No matter how you consume this superfruit it will surely bring a lot of benefits your way. Give it a try and you’ll wonder where the fruit from heaven has been your entire life!

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Here are some interesting facts about the gac fruit that will spark more interest in this odd and spiky looking Asian superfruit

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