Here we are at ‘back to school’ time for children…and for sales teams. If you haven’t picked up a whiteboard marker and started to practice, now is the time. Here are 7 ways to prepare fast.

Give a set of markers to a child and you’ll watch their eyes light up. Do the same to a subject matter expert or sales professional, and they may not be as excited. While you may not have used whiteboard markers since kindergarten, use these 7 keys to unlock your natural ability.

7 To Boost Sales With Your Whiteboard Presentation Skills

1. Start Now
What’s the best time to start working on your skills? Right now. If you have a whiteboard at home or at your office, get out the markers. If you don’t have one yet, buy one.

In the meantime, practice on a piece of paper or flipchart. While the medium is different, the skills are transferrable.

Not sure how to practice on your own? Well…for inspiration, move on to tip #2.

2. Practice With Children
Children love to play with markers. And they will be especially delighted when you join them.

If you have children of your own, get out the markers today. Scribble. Doodle. Play. Ask your kids to show you how to draw key ideas. They’ll have fresh perspectives on how to show complex ideas.

If you don’t have children of your own, ask a neighbor. As this is ‘back to school’ time, your neighbors will be delighted to let you ‘borrow’ their children for an hour at the whiteboard.

Still not feeling the magic? Keep going to tip #3.

3. Workout In A Bootcamp
If you’re really serious about boosting your skills, join your peers for a whiteboard workout. You can do this at your own business or organization. Or you can join a local class to learn powerful tips for whiteboard presenting.

When reviewing options, check your local newspaper, continuing education programs community listings. If you are not finding resources locally, go online.

Whiteboard classes, seminars and boot camps are now available in public classes as well as onsite seminars. If you have a part of a sales team, this is a terrific way to build skills as a group.

4. Get Coaching
Like every performance skill, whiteboard presenting has unique challenges. That’s why serious professionals get expert coaching. Your presentation coach will give you pointers for simplifying complex content, listening, showing your value proposition, responding to objections, and streamlining decisions.

If using whiteboards is part of your success strategy, you’ll want to find a personal coach who can give you personal pointers. With all the advances in online coaching, this is now much more convenient—and affordable than ever before.

5. Practice With Peers
There’s no better way to boost skills and pump up excitement than practicing with peers. Your teammates will know how to draw and sketch concepts that are difficult for you. You will know how to simplify a concept that they couldn’t crack.

By practicing together, you’ll transform dull team meetings into energetic exchanges. Plus, you’ll have a powerful way to share knowledge and build a set of best practices. This is a technique to use with peers at your location—and with virtual partners around the world.

6. Translate Key Concepts
Sketching at the whiteboard truly comes to life when you translate key concepts that you use often. Look to your scripts, slides and sales materials. Translate key concepts that you use all the time. Take the time to highlight these ideas and show them with a marker, while the audience watches.

Hint: use whiteboard sketches to educate, engage and involve your clients and prospects. Working on the spot is a great way to provide valuable educational insights about your products and solutions.

7. Keep A Journal
It’s easy to get excited about whiteboard presenting. At the same time, it helps to keep track of what you’re learning. The best way to do this is to keep a journal. Record insights as soon after you give a presentation as possible. This is when your ideas are flowing and your memory is fresh.

With these 7 keys, you can easily boost sales while you build your whiteboard skills. In a very short amount of time, you’ll see results.

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