In a perfect world, there would be just enough money for everyone's needs and no need to think about shortages in personal income and how to overcome them. But we do not live in that kind of world, and sometimes we are short on paying bills, covering car repairs, getting the groceries, or getting a birthday gift for your child. It can happen to anyone, of any background. When an unexpected need for extra cash happens here are some options for those who need cash loans Brick, or even for those with bad credit.

Whether you are looking at bad credit loans Manalapan, or ways to get cash fast here are some options to consider.

1. Borrow from family or friends – The advantage of this option is in most cases they will not charge you interest. But there is always a risk when you borrow from people you care about, if you are unable to pay it back there can be resentment, and in some cases, relationships are ruined or damaged. There may also be the case that no-one you know can lend it to you.

2. Take an item of value to a pawn shop – At a pawn shop, you can take in an item, have it valued there, and if you agree to that valuation get a percentage of its worth as a loan. You leave the item with them and after an agreed time pay back the loan plus the interest and get your item back. Pawn shops are a great way of getting cash loans Brick or where you are. Make sure you are okay with the item you are risking as collateral in case you are unable to pay and do lose it.

3. Getting a payday loan – If you have a job but are looking for bad credit loans Manalapan, you could visit a payday lender and get a loan against your next paycheck. These do tend to have high-interest rates though and make sure you can manage on a reduced income until the next paycheck comes in.

4. Getting an auto title loan – As the name indicates you take out a loan against your vehicle. It is again high interest but most bad credit loans Manalapan or anywhere, are. You are putting at risk your car.

5. Taking out a home equity loan or line of credit – Some banks may be willing to give you a loan or line of credit against any equity in your home. Not possible if you do not own your own home though.

6. Secured personal loans – This is what an auto title loan is, or what you do when you go to a pawn shop. You put up something of value as collateral against the loan so should you fail to make repayments it is that item at risk, nothing else. Good option if you have items worth anything.

7. Unsecured personal loans – Unsecured personal loans do not need any item to be used as collateral but if you have bad credit this option is not always possible. There are some lenders that specifically offer such loans though.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for Century Jewelers & Loans. The company is a small pawn shop in Brick, NJ and offers cheap loans against goods like jewelery.