Spleen is quite a fragile organ of our body that plays an important role in maintaining good digestion, body weight, and internal energy. In traditional Chinese medicine, it has been called digestive fire. If the organ does not function properly then you might face health issues like loss of appetite, fatigue, loose stools, the excess flow of blood during periods, overweight, digestive disorders, and abdominal distention. These issues affect the entire health of your body and you will find yourself aging soon and these also lead to chronic health issues. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your spleen's functions and one should try to improve the function. Many methods help do it but the best one is TCM which includes several treatments based on the health condition of a person.

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient form of treatment in which a person is treated by using several techniques like herbal remedies, acupuncture, and dietary advice. It also includes exercised named tai chi and qi gong along with several treatments like cupping and moxibustion. TCM practitioners focus on the root cause of a problem not just suppress the symptoms of a disease and help people to get complete healing. If you want to know in what ways TCM improves spleen functions then check out this:

1. By improving digestion

According to the best TCM in Singapore, one should not consume either too raw or too cold products or the products comes out straight from the refrigerator because these tend to snuff out the digestive fire. These are the reasons why you should avoid eating such foods. Apart from that, you should also avoid consuming raw vegetables with very higher water content.

While on the other hand, you should choose to consume herbal teas and infused meals with all the nutrition which helps in promoting good digestion. Some of the items which you should include in your diet are melon, cereals, honey, aniseed, and cucumber to improve the functioning of the spleen organ and to improve your digestion system. You should also add whole grains and pulses in your diet like rice, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, chickpeas, and so on. When it comes to choosing vegetables, you should give priority to earthy, seasonal, orange, and yellow-colored roots like carrots, potatoes, and so on.

2. It stimulates the meridian

A TCM practitioner at TCM clinic in Singapore will knock gently and massage the meridian starting from above the ankle inner side of the lower leg and then gradually move upwards to the knee joint. The to and fro moment of the technique will stimulate the meridian improving the functioning of the spleen.

3. By changing lifestyle

These days, most people are suffering from tensions, and worries because of their lifestyle and busy schedules. The treatment helps people in giving peace to their minds while cultivating a positive look towards life. Starting with low-intensity exercises and thinking positively helps people to improve their stamina.

4. Acupuncture

In this, a practitioner will stimulate the acupoints of the spleen meridian by pressing the acupoints gently. Acupuncture in Singapore is the best way to keep your body healthy in the long term while reducing the aging signs.

5. By promoting the digestive fire

For spleen health, getting the right herbs at the right time in the right quantity is very important. It is recommended you add some ginger to your diet either before or during mealtime. You should add warm spices to your diet such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper to your diet. This will improve your digestion system and will help you to digest your food in a better way.

6. By cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is great in improving the digestion system of a person and it is also helpful in pain management. It also enhances the immunity of a person so that a person can easily fight back against the diseases present around.

7. Exercises

There are certain exercises included in the treatment like Qi gong and tai chi which improve the flexibility of a person. It also improves the strength of a person and helps in relaxing and calming the mind of a person.


TCM is a holistic and natural medicinal system that helps in improving not just the spleen function but the entire health and wellbeing of a person. So, now you should visit the clinic of TCM practitioner immediately to get all the benefits of it.

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