Let’s take a look at 7 most common methods of performance appraisal. Some of these approaches are still in practice while others are abandoned by many organizations.

1. Essay Evaluation

This technique asked managers/supervisors to explain strengths and weaknesses of an employee's behavior. Essay analysis is a non-quantitative method. This approach usually uses with the graphic rating scale procedure.

2. Graphic Rating Scale

The Rating Scale is a kind where the supervisor merely checks off the employee's level of performance. This is the earliest and most widespread method employed for performance evaluation.

3. Performance ranking method

The ranking is a performance evaluation method used to appraise worker performance from best to worst. The supervisor will evaluate an employee to another employee, as opposed to comparing each person to some standard measurement.

4. Behaviorally anchored rating scales

This technique used to refer to a performance score that concentrated on specific behaviors or sets as signs of effective or inefficient performance. It's a combination of the rating scale and critical incident techniques of employee performance analysis.

5. Paired comparison analysis

Paired comparison analysis is a fantastic means of weighing up the relative significance of options. An array of logical options is recorded. Each choice is compared against each of the other options. The results are tallied, and the alternative with the Maximum score is your preferred choice.

6. Weighted checklist

This method explains a performance evaluation process where rater acquainted with the tasks being evaluated a sizable collection of definitive statements regarding efficient and ineffective behavior on tasks readily.

7. Critical incident method

The important incidents for performance evaluation is a technique where the supervisor writes down negative and positive performance behavior of workers during the operation period.

Among all available methods of performance appraisal “Bell Curve” was recently eliminated by many renowned organizations including ICICI Bank, Tata Group and Infosys.

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