Greece is a colorful paradise of nature. You can find scenic landscapes, rock-strewn mountains, eye-pleasing waters, dense jungles, ancient historical monuments, and traditional values – all at one place. There is something for everyone in Greece. If you are an adventurous soul and are planning to visit this vibrant nation in recent future, here are 7 must-visit destinations to fulfill your appetite for adventure -

  1. Agrafa Mountains – Agrafa is a beautiful mountain region, nestled in the mainland Greece. To be exact, the mountain range is located between the regional units of Evrytania and Karditsa. You can find a conveyance for here from all major ports and cities in Greece. Crossing the Agrafa mountains is an adventure of its kind. The spectacular views of Agrafiotis River will take you breath away while you drive through the mountain region. To pass this range, you will need to be an expert driver.
  2. Parnon Mountains – If you have a desire to visit Greece for adventure, Paranon Mountains are there to give you an overwhelming welcome. The road that crosses through the range is one of the best paths for adventure seekers. The heights and trenches are breathtaking. It makes a perfect trip for a group of friends that love road journeys. While on the trip, you can also steal a chance to know some of the distant and ancient regions of Greece.
  3. Vlaherna – Vlaherna, Fithakia, and Sela are three adjoining villages offering a picture-perfect adventurous vacation. Cycling trips offer magnificent views of river and green surroundings, reenergizing you to the fullest. Do not forget to gaze the river, greens, and surrounding villages from up in the sky. There are many ski centers that will teach and take you to skiing. Skiing will allow you to capture countless memorable moments in your high-res camera.
  4. Olympus – If trekking amazes you – Olympus, which is recognized as the God of the mountains and European Trail Network are the places to approach in Greece. You along with your group or partner can participate in trekking competitions, and return home with a winsome memory.
  5. Litohoro, Samothraki, Karpenisi and Kissavos – Are you crazy about mountain biking? If yes, then these hillside villages have so many things to draw your attention. These villages offer an excellent opportunity to mountain bikers.
  6. Asterousia Mountain Range – Located in Crete, the villages of Maridaki, Ethia, and Ahentrias have a perfectly crafted circular road network that allows you to experience speed while observing standing tall mountains. Not only this, while driving swiftly through the pass, you sometimes may amazing views of the sea. What a stunning moment that will be!
  7. Aegean and Ionian Seas – Sailing through Aegean and Ionian Seas will be a once in a lifetime experience. What else will you get? Emerald water and private beaches; you can revel in your own way. To add more adventure, you could participate in on-water sporting activities, such as scooter racing, surfing, etc. Deep sea diving is also a great option for adventure-seekers.
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