Natural remedies are preferred by males to deal with erectile dysfunction issues. The natural remedies make it easy to get permanent cure without side effects.

Erectile dysfunction often known as weakness in erection is a common male problem. It is the inability of a male to get an erection when fully aroused.

The problem is common in males over 50 due to either physical or mental issues. It is not an age related issue, but the chances increase with age and health issues that come up with age.

Natural remedies

The best natural remedy is consuming food and fruits that increase the blood circulation in the body. At the basic level, erection problems emerge, when blood circulation is not sufficient in the pelvic area of the body. Food that increases blood circulation helps to cure the basic deficiency at the cellular level.


The fruit has nitrate and antioxidants. The nitrate gets converted into nitric oxide that helps in blood movement towards the pelvic area. Nitric oxide makes additional space in blood vessels by dilating the vessels.

The additional space in blood vessels facilitates blood flow, which cures the problem at the cellular level. Along with blood, fresh oxygen also moves to the muscles and organs of the body. The more oxygen and blood helps to take part in physical activities.


Walnuts along with other dry fruits act to boost the erection process. Walnuts have omega 3 fatty acid which clears blood vessels of any waxy substance. It has been revealed in studies that consuming the nut for 8 weeks improved the health of blood nerves. It also helps to lower the blood pressure.


One of the best ways to naturally deal with erection issues is to increase intake of grapes. The antioxidant in grapes, red and white both, relax blood vessels. It widens the blood nerves to help more blood flow towards the lower portion of the body. Grapes also curb inflammation and neutralize the molecules which hamper free flow of blood.


Green vegetables like spinach are an excellent natural source of nitrate. Nitrate deficiency often makes it difficult to relax blood vessels.

Until blood vessels are not relaxed, there will be no blood flow for an erection. The Cialis 60 mg recommended by the doctors support the action of nitric oxide by suppressing the enzyme that contracts the blood vessels.

Pelvic floor exercises

The yoga pose makes pelvic muscles strong, which take part in the blood flow for an erection. The simple yoga pose is recommended by experts to activate the muscles to push blood flow. The pose is done by lying on the ground, bending knees, keeping feet on ground and slowly lifting the chest, abdomen while keeping feet in the group.

You can watch the video to perform the pose efficiently .Initially, 20 seconds or less are enough to keep the mid section off ground. Slowly you can increase the frequency of the exercise.

Vitamin B 2

B 2 part of vitamin B complex ensures physical energy and vitality for a male. It also helps in production of several important hormones. Its deficiency leads to weakness in nerves, and slow blood flow inside the body. Eggs, meat, liver, dairy products, green vegetables, spinach, broccoli are the rich sources of this vitamin .increase their consumption for natural relief from erection difficulties.

Vitamin B 7

It is also known as biotin, the B7 ensures enough energy and libido in males for a smooth erection process. The deficiency of this vitamin leads to insomnia, muscle pain, mood disorders, anemia, etc. all these factors affect libido and physical energy. It causes erection issues.

The male with lack of libido will find the desired result even after using
Sildenafil Citrate 150 mg , because doctors recommend stimulation for an erection to take place. meat , wheat flour , avocados , nuts , oranges , apples , cauliflower , egg , etc are some best sources of biotin..


Natural remedies include healthy diet, fruits, exercise and keeping mind and body relaxed. A healthy and relaxed body will ensure a happy and relaxed mind. With a healthy lifestyle intervention you will check the rise of several lifestyle diseases which adversely impact health. Naturally a healthy body will enable you to enjoy the fruits of life it all forms.

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