When it comes to solidifying your online presence, there can be no greater alternative than content marketing. In order to elevate your business' potential to reach out to the right audience and drive substantial traffic to your website, you need to integrate credible content marketing system (CMS). Presented below are some CMS platforms that are relatively new and are loaded with useful features for organizations to explore.

1. Contentful
Contentful is a relatively new platform for Content Management System (CMS) that provides embedded API. Every piece of content created with the help of this smooth tool can be accessed through APIs, which enable users to show their content anywhere.
With this CMS system, users can develop a specific custom content model rather than having to integrate the existing templates. Contentful is a reasonable and well-endowed CMS that can be smoothly integrated into your company’s software system. You also have the choice to avail their “Free Plan for Starters” and later move to the paid packages to match your organization's development.

2. Pyro CMS
This software is specifically developed for digital content developers. Digital content management has gained popularity, and they are in demand across various industries. Pyro serves as a great app for the requirements of content management.
Pyro enables you to develop faster websites. Your apps and web pages are optimized to function effectively so that the user experience on your website remains topnotch.
This application also addresses the requirements of the developers, designers and managers. It assists you to create simple platforms that you can put together without making too many modifications. As a result, the solution appears clear and offers the developers with a wide variety of options to develop smoother and better applications.

3. Brightcove
This content management system offers a variety of online video solutions that organizations can employ to produce remarkable video content, and monetize those videos across multiple social media, online platforms and devices. The online video solutions can be categorized into two sections, namely, Brands and Media.
Brightcove for brands specifically deals in the marketing aspect of the online videos and helps to produce attractive content at every stage of the buyer's journey. Brightcove Media platform is designed for distributors, broadcasters, content owners and publishers who can employ this software to attract and monetize their audiences quickly and efficiently. This tool has been adopted by many help with assignment services for presenting interactive visual content for students.

4. Sitecore
This is a kind of system that assists with customer experience management. The software allows you to monitor the overall customer experience on your website or app. It provides features that aid in monitoring the overall consumer engagement with your content.
The most brilliant part of this CMS tool is that it can manage several types of content, and allows you to determine the experience you want to offer to your customers.
According to the vendors, the website management software is significant for providing consistent and seamless digital experiences. Hence, the platform offers a unique web experience for every individual.
Sitecore is connected with online content strategies on all types of devices and is supported by a robust web CMS. The software lets you develop intriguing web experiences and presents the content by maintaining the proper formatting that matches the user’s devices.

5. Acquia
It is one of the great content management software solutions that businesses often employ. It is a CMS platform created for community, commerce and content. The software provides a cloud-based system where you can develop and enhance the digital experience for your clients.
Organizations use Acquia to create solid digital foundations to produce supreme quality of consumer experiences. The vendor provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) rather than SaaS (Software and a service). In short, Acquia is commercial open source software that presents a wonderful experience when it comes to content.
Acquia is built to offer a secure and scalable open cloud. Marketers and Merchandisers can utilize the software to regulate the delivery of customized experience.
Technical leaders and developers can utilize the system to create complex applications in less time and provide security and reliability. Content managers and brands can implement the solution to present a unified brand, commerce and social experience across various geographical regions and devices.

6. Kentico
It’s the only CMS platform that is completely integrated with e-commerce, ASP.NET and other major online marketing solutions. This allows users to create responsive websites and optimize the experiences of their digital consumers across different channels.
Kentico provides efficient features for digital marketing to businesses irrespective of their size. Users can apply the software to develop smooth and smart websites, online stores, community sites, and intranets that assist in enhancing the communication among team members and with their clients, thereby paving the way for the expansion of their businesses.
The vendor provides four different pricing packages with an annual subscription. The price is based on the features and number of users in your particular business. All the plans include a variety of external applications, platforms and systems. You can utilize the accurate demo version to play around with the features before opting for the software.

7. Intellyo Creator Engine
This CMS software is developed to assist the professional bloggers and organizations that are focused on creating optimum quality content with limited resources, enhancing the visibility of content online, and reaching out to the target audiences through various content marketing techniques. All in all, this system has several amazing tools to present the content that your audiences will appreciate.
Intellyo Creator Engine is extremely useful for professional bloggers as it allows them to come up with the most accurate content for their target audiences to ensure the retention of a sizeable viewership while driving the growth of their website. For example, if you want to reach out to students seeking essay help and advice, you can create the content accordingly with the assistance of this CMS tool.
Meanwhile, organizations can use the platform's content marketing tools to convey their message effectively to consumers and draw their attention via various channels. The system also supports social media integrations to ensure that you can cater to all existing and potential consumers.
With these content management tools, the content marketing endeavours will always pay off.

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