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Most of us are aware that our New Year’s resolutions are barely followed. Usually by mid-January we have lost interest in following them or have just totally broken our resolutions. Now why do you think this is so?

Below are the 7 most common New Year’s Resolution mistakes that people make that is why these resolutions rarely are successful.

Mistake #1. Our number one mistake is that you haven’t found your why-to’s. Why you are dong the resolution that you say you will do. Saying that you want to lose weight or you want to quit smoking should have a purpose. Your why-to’s. Why do you want to do them? If you have no idea why you want to lose weight or quit smoking then most likely when you begin to feel some pressure or difficulty you will give up. You need to know your why-to’s, your reasons and they must be strong enough for you not to back down and follow your old habits once again. As humans we are creatures of habits. Our brains have been set up to be efficient. They were not set up to make us happy. If we really want to change our behavior or our bad habits, we need to dig deep beneath the behavior and find out what is causing that behavior.

Mistake #2. Mistake number two is not looking at the other side of your why-to’s. You do not know what your why not to’s is. My book, The Secret Code of Success, explains that everything you do is caused by your Why-To’s weighed against your Why-Not-To’s. Our brain is like a weighing scale. It weighs your why to’s, your perceived benefits against your why not to’s or what you can call the costs of continuing with that behavior or habit. Going back to our new year’s resolution example of losing weight. The benefits of your losing weight should outweigh the costs of not. If your brain does not see this then you will simply not stick to the resolution you have just made.

Mistake#3 You have not asked for the support and help of those close to you like friends and family. It is very easy to fail if you try to do it alone. With the support of friends and family, someone can help you in making positive changes for yourself.

Mistake#4 You aren’t making use of positive peer pressure. This mistake is in connection with mistake number 3. You need to tell your friends that if they see you going back on your promise or your resolution they need to tell you. You may think that you will look bad in your friend’s eyes but the truth is they are already seeing you for what you are and they just might be too nice tell you if you are screwing up. Tell them to tell you if they see you go back on your word and help you get back on track.

Mistake#5 You do not have an accountability partner. An accountability partner takes positive peer pressure to a whole new level. With an accountability partner, someone will check your progress either on a weekly or daily basis. They will speak to you and see how things are going.

Mistake#6 You don’t have a plan. If you want to lose weight or quit smoking then you should have a plan. Without a plan, you will most likely fall short of the goals or the changes you want to accomplish. Also, speaking to experts is a good idea. Speaking to someone who has succeeded in the goals you want to achieve is ideal. You can learn from their experiences and because they have gone through what you are going through presently, they know exactly how you feel and what you should do.

Mistake#7 You have set up yourself for failure.
This mistake is far by the worst of all because when you make your resolution, you do not really think you can do it or you don’t even have the real intention of following through with what you have just said that you will be doing. We all know the basic idea of how to lose weight but for some of us we fall short of accomplishing this. Why? Because we do not believe in ourselves. We don’t believe we can do it. We have to get rid of this feeling. We need to believe we can do it.

By avoiding these 7 mistakes, we can well be on our way on sticking to our resolutions and implementing change in our lives.

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