They state the normal lady begins arranging her wedding during adolescence. She plays spruce up with her companions, designs the weddings of her dolls and squishy toys, and in the end develops to an age where fellowships transform into something more. Sadly, the normal lady is constrained with regards to what she can manage the cost of as far as a wedding. She may have an investment funds and her folks might be eager to pay, however there is dependably a financial limit. That is, except if you're a big name or lady originating from a wealthy family. All things considered, you may almost certainly toss an undertaking that is basically ridiculous, much the same as these couples did.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pit Wedding Price Tag: $1 million

Brad and Jennifer got hitched at a stunning Malibu home in 2000. We realize the sticker price related with a 200-visitor wedding will undoubtedly be high, yet $1 million appears somewhat unprecedented. Her Lawrence Steele outfit was flawless, her Manolo Blahnik shoes were the jealousy of each lady with a shoe interest, and the ludicrous number of blossoms (something close to 50,000) created an enchanting climate. We're almost certain the firecrackers show toward the night's end is the thing that put the sticker price for this issue over the top. We trust it merited the cost considering the marriage just endured 5 years.

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods Wedding Price Tag: $1.5 million

While not a standout amongst the most costly weddings on earth, the narrative of Tiger and Elin has surely been a hotly debated issue of discussion. The now-separated from couple was hitched in 2004 at a mystery service seen by 120 of their dearest loved ones. The couple leased the whole lodging and ensured that the main contract helicopter organization on the island was reserved strong for the end of the week also. We wonder the amount it cost to have Hootie and the Blowfish perform before the firecrackers show over the sea.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Wedding Price Tag: $2 Million

These two whizzes wedded in 2006 and spent a pretty penny to do as such. They avoided the idea of employing a corporate limo to take them to the congregation and rather picked to get hitched in a fifteenth Century palace amidst Italy. Katie and her marriage gathering were furnished in Georgio Armani dresses planned explicitly for her wedding and the couple engaged their visitors by having Andrea Boccelli perform live. Over the top? We suspect as much yet we're certain the couple and their visitors had an incredible time.

Liza Minelli and David Gest Wedding Price Tag: $3.5 Million

Liza and David were hitched in New York City in 2002 of every a function that words essentially can't do equity. Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor filled in as the best man and house cleaner of respect while all the more then 500 superstars, companions, and relatives looked on. At the gathering, Tony Bennet gave the excitement along a 60-piece ensemble. The whole occasion, bested with a 12-level cake, appears to be slightly ludicrous. It's a disgrace the marriage just kept going 1 year.

Delphine Arnault and Allesandro Vallarino Gancia Wedding Price Tag: $7 Million

Delphine is the little girl of a French specialist and Allesandro's family possesses a wine tradition. They were hitched in France in 2005. She wore a staggering outfit intended for her by John Galliano. We're certain the 5,000 white roses used to enhance the banquet room added to the expense of the issue also. Harper's Bazaar incorporated this function in their rundown of fantastic weddings that year.

Vikram Chatwal and Priya Sachdev Wedding Price Tag: $20 Million

Have you at any point been to a customary Indian wedding? Try not to let Vikram (child of an inn head honcho) and Priya (a stunning on-screen character) trick you into accepting their $20 million service is anything near ordinary. They selected to sidestep customary limo administrations, rather procuring personal jets to fly their visitors from city to city through the span of their 10-day party. They shared their extraordinary day(s) with in excess of 600 visitors. Click here for more info about Jennifer Lopez And A-Rod Have No Intentions.

Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia Wedding Price Tag: $78 Million

Supposedly, the wedding of Vahisha Mittal (little girl of a mogul) and Amit Bhatia (a venture broker) is the most costly on record. They were hitched in France in 2004 and even Forbe's Magazine has recognized this as the most costly wedding to date. Disregard solicitations. These two picked to convey 20-page books lined in silver to the1,000 visitors taking an interest in their 5-day undertaking. The gourmet specialist, from Calcutta, arranged in excess of 100 distinct dishes and the wine tab alone was more than $1.5 million. This one holds a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records - and in light of current circumstances.

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They state the normal lady begins arranging her wedding during adolescence. She plays spruce up with her companions.