No matter how amazing sunbath feels, unprotected exposure to ultraviolet radiation of sun will lead to cancer. The survival without sunlight is impossible for all living organisms but it also has malicious effects. The radiation coming from the sun can cause hundreds and thousands of skin diseases which can grow into cancer and in severe cases may cause death. The following tips will help you have safe and harmless sun exposure.

Appropriate use of sunscreen

One of the biggest misconceptions about sunscreens is that people think that they need it only when the sun is burning the day up. But it is a myth. In reality, you must apply the UV-blockers on the exposed parts of your body. This is because the sun is still there and the light that you are seeing around is fused with the same radiations.

Protection of lips

People apply sunscreen on their entire bodies but forget about their lips. Indeed, you cannot apply your general sunscreen on the lips but it does not mean that you leave them as such. You must protect your lips form spiteful effects of sun rays by using lip balms that contain sunscreens.

The right choice of products

Before going for any sunblock, you must make sure that you have chosen the right one. There is a great variety of sunblock available in the market with different functions and long-range of Sun Protection Factor. You can choose the one according to your requirement. Those who live in areas with diffused sunlight can go with sunscreens of lower SPF. But those who are indulged in outdoor activities and professions which force them to roam around under the umbrella of the sun must go for higher SPF. Otherwise, they will face consequences like sunburns, skin blemishes, and even cancer.

Beware of water and sand

The sun radiations reach the earth and they get refracted and reflected from different surfaces differently. The UVA and UVB radiations which refract from the water and sand change both their direction but also wavelength. In short, they become more dangerous and harmful. So, it is better to either avoid them when the sun is burning bright or make highly excessive use of sunblock with high SPF.

Cover your body as much as possible

Covering your body even with a single fold of cloth will be enough to save it from hundreds of evil effects of the sun. It is highly recommended to keep children especially those under 6 under shelter. Consider wearing full sleeves and long pants rather than shorts. It will have miraculous effects in the long run. Keep in mind that the sun rays cause accelerated aging of the skin. So, by protecting your body from these radiations, you are saving your youthfulness.

Do not mind using accessories

Some of the most highly recommended accessories to protect your body from UV radiations include sunglasses, hats, and buffs. People are exaltedly obsessed with the multipurpose buffs. Use it as a handkerchief, neck scarf, pirate cap, headband or wristband depending upon the need. Specifically designed for moisture management plus they provide aspirational protection against UV rays.
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Sunglasses are important because they protect the eyes. Always go for the sunglasses with 100 percent UV radiation absorption lenses. This is because even 1 to 2 percent of radiation can cause adverse effects.

Hats are important as they prevent the direct exposure of the head to the sun and prevent it from getting heated up. Hundreds and thousands of cases are reported every year throughout the world especially during the summers in which people faint due to heat exhaustion. It can be prevented by making the right use of hats to save the head, face, and neck.

Buffs can be used for diverse functions. It can be used as a headband, neckband, wristband, and so on. It protects your body from direct exposure. Moreover, it is the perfect companion during the summers as it serves multiple services.

Avoid outdoor during peak hours

There are some days during peak hot months i.e. June, July, and August during which even all the above-mentioned tips will fail to protect you. During such days, you should avoid going out at all. It may sound impossible for the majority of us to do that so, it is recommended to dodge outdoor activities from 10 am to 4 pm. This is because, during this time-lapse, radiations are most intense of all.

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