No one likes to think about whether or not their partner is seeing or sleeping with someone else. In an ideal world, no one would have to deal with the heartbreak that comes with being cheated on. Unfortunately, these things do happen. Hopefully, your relationship is one where open and honest communication comes before the possibility of your partner seeking an extramarital affair.

But if that isn’t the case, there are plenty of ways to tell whether or not your partner is sleeping with someone else. Of course, context is key. Some of these signs, by themselves, don’t mean your partner is cheating. You need to look at the bigger picture, the pattern of behavior, and see if it’s out of the norm.

1. Her romance drive is down.
People’s romance drives often fluctuate due to stress, nutrition, lack of exercise, or any other reason. A fluctuating romance drive isn’t a sign in and of itself. But, if your romance life has always been pretty regular, and she starts no longer desiring your attention, it may be because she is getting her needs met elsewhere. She suddenly wishes to avoid physical relations.

2. Too busy
Your partner is changing, has become withdrawn, has become too busy for you, you can see the mind is not with you. She is no longer interested in what you do or where the relationship is heading. The sudden change in her attitudes, her fitness, and body shape. You may notice that she starts to dress very differently. She is investing longer work hours she is turning out to be a workaholic. This could be due to her interest in her colleague or genuine work pressure.

3. Withdrawn
Your partner does not want much communication and avoids meetings or social outings together. A lack of initiating conversation is one big sign.

4. Come home late
Your partner starts coming home late and has many excuses for being stressed and unwell.

5. No gifts
No more gifts, no birthday cards, no more evening coffee together. She unexpectedly doesn’t value you anymore.

6. She visits adult sites.
It is said that it is increasingly common for both men and women to consume adult content. In fact, there are experts who recommend doing this activity as a couple since it benefits the trust that exists between both. The problem arises when every day other activities are replaced by this one and it becomes an obsession that gradually ruins the person’s life.

Your partner may not be thinking of someone real, but of a person who she sees behind a screen. If your partner is distant and indifferent, it is time to talk about what happens to her.

Remember that communication will always be the way to resolve any type of conflict, therefore if you think that something is wrong in the relationship, try to solve it always looking for the benefit of both.

7. She tries to wants somethings new in bed

Also, this doesn’t automatically mean that your girlfriend is cheating on you. Usually, something new is going to be communicated between the two of you. However, if she is suddenly kissing you in a way that seems learned, or trying something new in bed without having discussed it first, it may be a sign that she is actually figuring this stuff out with someone else.

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