Sikkim has one of the diversified mountainous features of the greater Himalayas. It has high-altitude mountain lakes, valleys and mountain passes. It is the major hill station to take a Himalayan tour, honeymoon tour, mountain adventure tour and nature tour in India. It is an all-season tourist place. Sikkim is a tourist-friendly place in Northeast India.

You must check your Sikkim tour package from Kolkata includes the below-mentioned seven places to visit.

1. Jelep La:

It is the high-altitude (14,009 ft) Himalayan Pass connecting India to Lhasa. You will pass through Menmecho Lake while hiking the less rigid mountain pass of Sikkim. Hiking trails are available from Gangtok and Kalimpong. You can find the typical Sikkim hamlets and its tribal people. The best season to visit here is from April to June. The other seasons are snow-fed in this region. Yet, you can go hiking in the India territory only.

2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp:

Only people with climbing and mountaineering experience can climb the Mount Kangchenjunga Peak. Yet others can visit its base camp in Sikkim. You can view this peak of the Kangchenjunga Mountain Ranges present in the Indian Territory. The summer season is the best to visit this base camp. However, it is snow-fed in all-seasons. You can camp here and admire the peak during the day and night. It will look awesome on the full moon day.

3. Lake Tsomgo:

This is a high-altitude (12,310-ft) Himalayan Mountain Lake present in Sikkim. This will be a memorable lake as you can see the reflection of the snow-clad mountains on this lake water from any direction. This is because a rolling hill is surrounded by this lake area. This is the perfect lake for the honeymooner and nature lovers. You can camp here and spend your leisure time.

4. Pelling:

This is a scenic town to stay in Mountain View resorts and cottages once in Sikkim tour. Its altitude is 6,000-ft above the mean sea level. The greater Himalayas just rise up from this town, making it as the heaven on earth. This is an excellent place for romantic couples to spend their time. You can take scenic mountains as the backdrop in your photos. It has dense coniferous forest cover too.

5. Temi Tea Garden:

This is a world famous tea garden for its organic tea production. Its brand is Temi Tea. It is the best place to explore by the honeymooners, family, and friends once in Sikkim tour. It has resorts and hotels inside this Tea Garden. You can do zip line in the tea garden and have a birds eye look of these the plantation. It does have paragliding facility for the tourists.

6. Yumthang Valley of Flowers:

This valley will be a memorable one when you visit this colorful valley of mountainous flora. April to June is the season of colorful Rhododendrons. Yet, you can see the meadows and other wild orchid blooming in the month of February and March. You can also visit during the Losar Festival in this valley. The Teesta River flows through this evergreen valley.

7. Zemu Glacier:

This is a high-altitude Lake in Sikkim with an elevation of 18,648-ft. You can see the frozen glacier in the winter season. You can see most of the major Himalayan Mountain peaks from this lake area. You can camp near the glacier in the summer season. This is a spectacular place to see the snow-clad Himalayas. It will be in your memory even you did not take photos.

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