A fitness trainer can attract the ideal clients with smart marketing skills

Knowing who your ideal clients are and then marketing to them seems like a fairly straightforward task. A fitness trainer can attract the ideal clients on a consistent basis. However, there are some simple acts of self-deception and of inside-the-box thinking which prevents makes client getting look like a rocket science. Let’s blow those blocks out of the water…

1. Bring It on Home (Ask People Who Know You Really Well)

The first and last points of this article are about personal bias. It’s often one of the most difficult things to get over but, once you get over it, it strengthens your ability to see your real sales targets like a focused sniper rifle. It’s a strong connection with people of a different bias than yourself, and that’s what counts.

Ask people who know you really well (your friends and family) about your greatest abilities and areas in which you sell well. I’m not talking about your greatest personal strengths, but the methods you use the most effectively to persuade others to your point of view.

Their responses may surprise you and may even make you feel uncomfortable. However, these are most likely to be your most natural channels of selling.

2.Harness the Power of a Customized Digital Marketing Plan to Define and Refine Your Audience

Look at your own background profile on Facebook. You are someone else’s target audience.

Simple ways Fitness trainers can boost membership include harnessing the power of smart digital marketing to generate the right clients. Find out what your own demographics say about you (not what you would say about yourself).

Do the same with Google AdWords and SEO.

These will be some of the biases through which you are viewing the world and through which you may be “insisting” that your customers view the world.

This is, of course, not really going to be the case. Your customers and clients like what THEY like, not what YOU like.

3.Get It Out in Print Form (Old Timey Newspapers, Human People Faced Ads, etc.)

It may surprise some people of the modern age, but a lot of people get their products from regular newspaper and magazine ads. There’s something about the tactile feel of being able to hold something solid in your hands and then make decisions from it.

Even if you have a well-thought-out digital marketing campaign, branch out into popping advertorials on paper, as well. It still amazes me when I see the number of fitness trainers attracting clients in media like the yellow pages and some local directory listings

4.Visit A Major Influencer in Person (and Ask a Thousand Real Questions)

Major Influencers (like those people who have millions of followers) are your bread and butter in the beginning. If THEY recommend you or your product or services, then you’re in and in a big way, too.

Show up in person. Dress well, but not too formal. Look clean-cut and well-groomed. Tell them you are trying to find a way to effectively influence specific kinds of clients to join you.

Do NOT tell them what your product or service is unless they ask.

Only be teachable and cultivate the ability to LISTEN. Learn from them.

At some point, they may ask you what exactly you are selling. Tell them in a single, thorough sentence if at all, possible. An example is – I help..X…to achieve..Y.. by…Z..

If they’re intrigued, they may help you. And the possibility of this chance is your golden ticket. Keep it casual and light the whole way through.

5. Give Blanket and Mass Market Collaboration Bids to Everyone You Can Find

Collaboration is still, today, the best way to pimp out your products or services to people through collaborating with like-minded professionals who have a similar or identical following.

This is especially useful if they happen to be a competitor. Sometimes, the best things businesses can do for themselves is to situation themselves with their competition and corner the market together.

This is exactly, precisely, what large luxury hotel chains, like Sheraton and Marriott, do when they put their hotels in the exact same corner of town. Why fitness trainers are ignoring Facebook.

They are essentially cornering the market together and they both get more business together than they would get alone.

This follows the same logic of abundance that grocery stores use when they never, ever let their shelves look empty.

6.Straight Out Steal Clients from Competitors (ETHICALLY)

Now, this may seem a little dirty in the beginning, but hear me out.

If dissatisfied customers are already going to leave, either due to disinterest or lack of engagement in the fitness training, and you have something similar or identical that they want to receive right now, then you are the logical progression in their journey through this “particular” service.

Now, it’s important that you not feel bad about this because chances are, you will lose similar or identical customers to your competition in return. However, since both of you are in the same business and your target clients are identical, you can rest assured that, like part #5 above, you are both increasing your own and each other’s business.

How can you straight out steal your competitor’s clients? Dig deep into their business, find out precisely who their target audience is, and then mimic their methods (with enough difference to avoid a lawsuit) in acquiring clients. This is a great strategy when you’re just starting out.

Remember, the greats Duplicate, and leave the Innovation to those who are too clever to stay in business.

7.Know Yourself on a Deep and Real Level (Then Find Your Bias)

Digital marketing and other marketing strategies you use in attracting more customers all have to do with your authentic story and how you deal with people in a real way. Unfortunately, if you keep coming to people from a purely subjective point of view, you never really learn who genuinely loves your products or services.

It’s a confirmation bias which is self-fulfilling.

How do you get over this particularly tricky thing? Pay special attention to people who come from backgrounds, demographics, and stories that you were not expecting. Add up the numbers.

Make sure that you yourself are not getting in the way of your ability to market effectively. Not everyone is you and most, if not all, of your client base, is going to come from people who are nothing like you. Now, isn’t that an interesting thing to learn?

All your marketing strategies have to be generalized first. Whoever buys from you is a temporary target base. You never know.

You never know who they will be and who will come in later on. Always keep watching beyond your own borders to eliminate all confirmation bias.

In conclusion, attracting more customers who are your ideal clients is a huge accomplishment.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t treat it like an easy strategy. Learn to think outside of your own perspective and you might just have a chance.

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