If you don’t want things to happen to you in your career, but instead you want to take control of you career planning process, this is how to do it:

1. Take a look at your work experience and use it as a starting point. Then think about where you want to be. Does there seem to be a next logical step?
2. Is there something you’re excited to do and could get your efforts behind and work towards, like it was a challenge? What could you invest in to create in your career?
3. What career tools do you need to make it happen for you? Do you need a resume or cover letters that reflect the work you have done or work you can do? What work experience or education would be a resume builder for you so that you could go on to do what you want to do?
4. Remember that career planning isn’t “set it and forget it.” You need to plan and then re-evaluate every 6 months to year or so.
5. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how late you start. Starting now is what matters.
6. Don’t just evaluate your immediate situation. Look at the job landscape and the types of jobs that are disappearing, the ones that are flat lining and the ones experiencing growth. You can find that information here.
7. Think about opportunities in your current company, if that interests you.

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