At the writing of this piece Sarah Palin has not yet announced to the nation that she is going to run for President in the 2012 election. When or if she does, her name will not be alone on the republican ticket, in fact a lot of names will be on the ticket, some very worthy names.

The names of Mike Huckabee, Michelle Bachman may very likely be on the top of the bill and others will be in the offing if their supporters have anything to say about it. Names like Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich, Mitch Daniels, John Thune and Rick Santorum will round out the larger list.

On a personal level my first choice for a presidential candidate in 2012 would be Michelle Bachman. I must admit my bias for her is based on her strong moral stand and her willingness to be vociferous in quoting verses of the scripture. In my book, she is the perfect candidate, a veritable female Lincoln and if Palin does not run she will be my first choice; but for those who are afraid of the encroachment of religion or Biblical tenants’ into politics this may become a negative factor.

Mitt Romney would be good for the nation because of his business acumen and may be able to get a grip on the nations economic condition better than most. The latest controversy about the porn in the Marriot Hotel chain is not likely to go away soon and the Dem’s are not going to let that little gem lose its luster any time in the near future. He carries a great deal of political baggage into his bid for various reasons. Those reasons would keep whole blocks of voters away from pulling the lever in his favor.

Romney’s involvement in getting same sex marriages OK’d in Massachusetts, flip flops on abortion and the fact that he is a Mormon will all work hard against him. Main stream Evangelicals’ and Pentecostals and a good number of Catholics are not likely to cast their vote for a Mormon.

Marco Rubio who has hesitated to allow the Tea Party to include him in their caucus, even though they were instrumental in getting him elected has declared that he will not run in 2012. That doesn’t count for much in politics because he may be pressed hard by insiders who like his stand and the infusion of new blood he obviously represents for the GOP. He is a powerful man but is nevertheless only one of the new kids on the block.

Chris Christie represents a powerful possibility for the GOP in 2012 because he holds the conservative line almost to the letter. Having found little to put down Christie with, the left has put forth the notion that his being a bit overweight would put voters on the fence. But with millions of Americans battling with their own weight problems wouldn’t that be a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Are Americans that shallow, sorry to say that between the antics of American Idol and the pervasive Hollywood mentality that prevails in today’s youth the answer is probably, yes!

To be fair and to keep this article from breaking out into an anthology I will have to leave the list of other very worthy hopefuls and possibilities to other pundits, analysts and political campaign strategists.

As an afterthought it must never be forgotten that, unbeknownst to the political class is the often overlooked but supremely important fact, that there exists a gargantuan gap between political science and political savvy among the American people.

To keep what should be only a footnote from becoming a full treatise on the subject I will defer to some common sense, which even a politician might understand.

To start with consider just why, and more importantly what the Obama re-election campaign is going to use the projected one billion dollars of campaign cash for in 2012. Make no mistake, the money will not be used to educate the public in honest practical politics and what is best for the country. If that were true Obama’s chances for re-election would be zero.

Most of the money will be used to intrude into the daily lives of Americans who are far too busy and distracted to know too much about politics, much less understand the complexities, the history and the tenants of political science. The intrusions will be public addresses, advertisements, anecdotal stories and clips of how great the President has been doing mixed with promises of more to come. Like the infomercials of late night TV, only the positive anecdotal stories are allowed. Nothing negative including the results of studies, polls or testimonies from those who hate the product will be allowed. Facts will be stretched, denied and abused on a daily basis.

I am not saying Americans are stupid but they are completely distracted by making a living, raising families, entertainment, sports attractions and personal pursuits of pleasure, to be on top of the complexities of partisan politics. The 2012 campaigns will be like one big ad campaign for about 18 months.

Those who follow politics daily or at least regularly are like the handful of handicappers who are always found at a horse race. The rank and file American is like the rest of the crowd just guessing on the best horse while they’re having a grand old time at the fairgrounds.

The handicappers have a much better chance of picking the right horse but the entire crowd has to live with the final result of the race. The only reason the larger crowd might call to disqualify a horse is if they had been cheated or there was some hanky-panky in the race. Unknown to the rank and file in the 2012 race is; just how much is at stake. In fact; choose the wrong horse in this race, and it may be the last race anyone ever attends and could result in closing down of the racetrack for good.

But those with political savvy know that if the ads are unique, colorful, glowing and obnoxiously repetitive that some of the fluff will get through and take root. Noble deeds and good intentions will be offered as the alternative to the splashy ads but they take time to ingest, digest, assimilate and only those who are accustomed to taking the time to discern the difference will see the difference.

With this in mind we can start a general perusal of why Sarah Palin is the best possible candidate to become President of these United States in 2012.

1. The simplest howbeit most important reason Sarah Palin is the best choice for President in 2012 is because she is not Barack Obama.

2. The second reason is because she has the most exposure of all the candidates. While Obama may attempt to raise a billion bucks for his campaign treasury Sarah has been climbing into the view and the hearts of millions of Americans though her work with the Tea Party, the mid-terms and her TV series on Alaska not to mention her two books, both well received throughout the nation. She would be the most well known candidate of all, right out of the gate.

3. Although it could easily be misconstrued on the most fundamental level Sarah will make a good candidate on her appearance. She is a lovely person that for many typifies the classic beauty of the American Woman. In a world where appearance counts for much she has it all. She is beautiful, well poised and dignified at all times. She would be a credit to the nation in the company of other world leaders and would certainly be respected for her manner, graceful charm and personality.

4. Sarah has faith in God. It would make some people more comfortable if this fact appeared at the end of the list or as an appendage to this piece but we must never forget that Christians still make up a majority of people here in the U.S. The apostasy and the creeping liberal influences of the day notwithstanding, two out of three people say they have faith in God and his Son Jesus Christ.

Anyone can make such a claim and it is only when compared to other nations that we can see that the most Christians do reside in America and it is singularly the only successful nation on earth that was founded on the principles of the Bible and the Christian faith. She is unashamed to speak of her faith but that is not enough. She is also ready to apply the principles of that faith and foster the morality it creates for her into her decision making.

Such an approach has existed and flourished in this land for over two centuries and there is little reason to think it will fail now. She is not likely to be found quoting Bible verses everyday in her public life but to silence the complainers and please the true believers we only need to see her live out what she believes not play the role of the preacher.

5. Sarah Palin is well endowed with what we know as character and integrity. It is that stuff that Americans used to be satisfied with in our leaders even if they weren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. The most beloved President in our history, Abraham Lincoln had almost no education at all but no one has yet come near to the amazing Presidency, life and legacy he left to posterity. We have heard the pompous declare that Sarah may not be intelligent enough to hold up the Presidency to a high standard. The best answer to that is Barack Obama. Here we have a superbly educated man that has led the nation to the brink of bankruptcy, the highest jobless rate and earned the title of being the head of the most corrupt administration in U.S. History. So much for intelligence!

Anyone with a nickels worth of intelligence knows that our Presidents don’t run the office alone. The cabinet and staff are a major part of any single President’s success. Palin can be trusted to surround herself with the very best and that is the best we can hope for. In case you’re one of the few who have not read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” let me reiterate one of the most important examples in that great book.

When Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company was dragged before the courts to relieve him of his position as CEO over one of the nation’s biggest corporations it was his lack of education or intelligence that was the primary charge leveled against him. When Ford was asked dozens of questions in common math problems, science, history and literature he could answer almost none of them. Then he asked the question to the court of why he should have to know those things when he had a desk full of buttons that could summon experts in every field; the case was instantly thrown out of court.

I along with millions of American would be willing to bet our last dollar that Sarah Palin will be surrounded with the cream of the crop, the best of the best and when she needs to grasp a situation, will be advised by the tops in any field of polity and policy; that’s intelligence.

6. Sarah’s background and upbringing in one of the most rugged states in the country along with her desire to make America less dependent on foreign oil will no doubt serve to guide her decisions around the environmental lobbyists, excessive EPA regulations and do what is right for the nation. The average American is left scratching their heads when it comes to Obama’s energy policies. How can a nation that is sitting on vast reserves of natural resources look to the ever tumultuous Arab nations to supply their needs. Should a Muslim succeed to the Presidency of the EU (predicted by some) with one simple executive order that leader could plunge the American system of transportation and industry into disarray and bring it to a screeching halt.

7. The seventh reason I believe Sarah would be the best choice in 2012 is because she is affording America a real chance to make history. She would become our first female President. Obama made history as our first black President; unfortunately he is not a homeboy. He is not one of our very own up thru the ghetto or emerging from the civil rights movement kind of African American.

In fact a large contingent of Americans are still not satisfied that he was even born in America. He is still running on a lot of pop culture energy with the young and the clueless who don’t care much about roots and history but that’s not where Middle America comes from and this election will be a call to such people. If the call they answered in the mid-term elections is any indicator; Sarah has come to a very propitious moment in time to seize the day.

She has been a wonderful mother, a good Governor and a great rallying force in America since she was cast on the scene by John McCain in the 2008 race. She can be the very best choice in 2012 for all of the above reasons and a long list of others too numerous to cover in one article.

In summary I would be remiss if I did not add that no President of these United States can make up for the decisions of its people if they have decided to plunge into immorality and Godlessness. President Johnson often began his addresses with the phrase “it is with a sad heart.” I must borrow his phraseology in saying that “It is with a sad heart I must declare that Americans have taken a deep slide into immorality.”

The deaths of 53 million unborn innocents have cried from the grave. The attacks on marriage between one man and one woman, the drive toward licentiousness in Hollywood and media and the disturbing lack of truth and integrity found in modern academia, politics and the everyday lives of many Americans have all testified against us.

It is also a very sad thing to say that scripture promises that when a nation slips into such a state that God not only allows, but even engineers the rise of immoral, unscrupulous and wicked leaders. It is a sort of; you get what you asked for kind of response and is always a signal that a nation is in a serious fall.

If, however, a people see the path they are on is wrong and do everything they can to make corrections the difference can be amazing and God will help with leaders who can restore and lead by example and with God given wisdom. God can and does restore whole nations: why not us?

God will give us what we ask for by our very behavior; to wit:

“This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.” (Daniel 4: 17)

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