Not only is New Zealand the seabird capital of the world but it also a virtual paradise with abundant beaches and overwhelming natural beauty. New Zealand is also a provider of high-quality education to its international students. Here are some reasons as to why one should opt for New Zealand as a study destination:

University and courses: The diverse and globally acclaimed education system in New Zealand provides a wide range of programs and institutions to choose from, in any region of the country. Universities in New Zealand are renowned for programs in engineering, technology, management, architecture, and hospitality. There is a prestigious list of Universities in New Zealand for International Students from which suitable university and program may be chosen.

Warm and welcoming environment: Not only is there a lot of sunny weather in New Zealand and a climate that is suitable for people to relax in the open, but the people of New Zealand are also extremely hospitable and supportive. Students are extremely glad to be a part of New Zealand’s education system, owing to the supportive staff and mentors.

Permanent residence options: New Zealand offers permanent residence options to international students. This is an opportunity that very few countries have to offer. To apply, you must be a current resident visa holder and should have held it for at least 24 months continuously. Once granted, the person is allowed to live and work in New Zealand permanently and can come and go from New Zealand without travel restrictions.

Part-time jobs: Working part-time with study enables you to pay for your living expenses in addition to building connections with different people. Full-time students are allowed up to 20 work hours per week during the academic period and up to 40 hours per week during vacations. Master's(research) and Ph.D. students can work 40 hours a week throughout the year. Students are entitled to the minimum wage which is NZD 16.50 per hour. Student support services can help in finding part-time work opportunities.

Post-study work visa: It is granted based on the qualifications and the educational institution that you have studied from. Up to 3 years of post-study work is allowed. The holder of this visa can work with any employer and in any kind of job.

Lenient admission requirements: The admission requirements are quite lenient for New Zealand Universities. English proficiency tests accepted include IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

Scholarships: Scholarships for International Students in New Zealand are offered by the New Zealand Government, educational institutions and philanthropists which can be beneficial by providing education fee waiver or living expenses to the student.

The option to study in New Zealand is assured to enhance the student’s profile owing to high education standards, internationally reputed universities and the innovative teaching approach followed.

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I am an overseas education consultant, having five years of experience in overseas education. I am interested in writing articles on careers and education abroad and she also guides students for studying abroad.