You may have noticed that some websites offer online Reiki attunements. Some will set a time with You to receive the initiation. Others may have You watch a video. Some may actually do a virtual course.

Distant Reiki attunements do work. If You are attracted to them, I would suggest going with one that offers support and training. Technology offers amazing advantages these days allowing us to connect with others from a distance.

A disadvantage of distant initiations is You don’t get hands on experience to learn with others. You don’t get to see the expressions of other students’ faces as they bask in the energy of a Reiki attunement. You can’t lay Your hands on your fellow students and experience the new flow of Reiki with someone at the same time.

There are advantages to learning Reiki in person.

7 Reasons to take a Reiki Training in a face to face workshop are:

1. You have the opportunity to connect with other students.

Spirit has an amazing ability to bring together students in a Reiki class for the mutual benefit of all concerned. For example, it might bring together students working on the same life lessons such as self-worth. The class may bring together a couple of students adept at seeing energy with a couple who are better at feeling it. Everyone gets the benefit of the other’s experience.

You also can get to know each other further at Reiki shares. You become part of a Reiki community with people who share your interest in energy healing.

2. You and your Reiki Master Teacher have the chance to get to know each other.

During a live Reiki workshop there is plenty of opportunity for sharing. The Reiki Teacher shares experiences that can help You in using this healing energy system. The teachings can also be taught in a way that most suits the learner.

3. Live feedback from your Reiki Teacher and other Reiki Students.

Instant feedback helps You master the application of Reiki techniques and fosters trust in your intuition while using the healing energy. For example, You can find out if the pressure of your hand or positioning of your hand needs to be adjusted for the comfort of the receiver. Or You may find that the Reiki felt strongest over a certain part of the body and that’s where the person on the Reiki table had been experiencing pain before the class.

4. The opportunity to fully immerse yourself in practicing Reiki.

In a workshop setting You’ve scheduled yourself to be there. You have uninterrupted time and space to bask in the Reiki energy all day. With the guidance of a teacher you’re likely to integrate the Reiki energy on a deeper level than if You are by yourself. Kind of like going to a yoga class versus practicing at home, I know I get way more out of it if I attend a class.

5. Develop confidence in your Reiki ability.

By the time you’ve left your Reiki workshop you’ve had plenty experience using the Reiki. You’ve had feedback from the Reiki Master Teacher and fellow students. By the time you go home you’ve already started the process of trusting Reiki and your intuition using the Reiki. You’ve felt the Reiki’s effect on yourself and others and you know that the Reiki is working for everyone’s highest good. The more You use it the stronger it gets and so does your confidence in the healing strength of the energy.

6. The advantage of practicing giving Reiki sessions to others.

You’ve already given at least one full session during the workshop. So when you are on your own the people you work on will feel comfortable receiving a treatment from You. And You’ll feel at ease working on others too. If you’re planning on offering Reiki services, I highly recommend you’ve had plenty of practice sessions.

7. Experience being supported while integrating the Reiki energy. Other’s can be your witness in your emotions or your realizations.

Reiki has a way of clearing out our energetic systems. This release of energy often brings up old patterning and emotions. It’s so powerful to acknowledge your moving experience in the presence of others. We are able to support and honor each other during the class with the loving Reiki energy.

Give yourself the gift of learning Reiki in an in-person workshop. When you’re ready to learn Reiki or take the next level of Reiki, find a Reiki Master Teacher that You feel suits You. If You’re in Colorado, You can find my class list on the Learn Reiki Page or at Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness.

Author's Bio: 

By using Reiki and Reflexology Christy DeArment Martin has enhanced her well-being on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Christy founded Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness near Boulder, Colorado, where she teaches others Reiki and helps people return to their natural state of wellness with her healing abilities.
She is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui and Karuna lineage. She is also certified in Reflexology.
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