Do you know everything you need in order to turn your ideas into million - or billion-dollar companies? The honest truth is, you probably don’t know everything. But there’s great news, there’s a network of individuals out there who do and who are willing to teach you their ways. After all, the best way to learn is from successful people.

Now, it all comes down to finding the perfect business mentor to help you along your journey. Making the decision on who is going to guide you and aligns most with your values can be a bit of a challenge. But, ensuring that you are doing your research and taking the time to get to know your prospective mentor can make it easier. 

There are many reasons why relying on a business mentor can be beneficial. They help your mental, spiritual, professional, and personal development, which all matters when it comes to achieving your goals and aspirations. In one study, 76 percent of entrepreneurs said mentors are important, however, only 37 percent of entrepreneurs have one.

Here are seven reasons why having a mentor is important: 
1. A mentor can see where you need to improve when you cannot
2. A mentor gives you reassurance
3. A mentor will help the longevity of your business
4. A mentor teaches you lessons not shared in books
5. A mentor will keep you motivated
6. A mentor pushes you out of your comfort zone
7. You’re more likely to succeed with a mentor

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