With unprecedented online sales and the rising popularity of eCommerce, the number of CMS vendors has also grown substantially. Magento Commerce is still considered unmatched and the industry benchmark in eCommerce. So, it came as no surprise when Gartner Inc. recently named Magento a Leader in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce. Magento’s unique ability to give businesses agility and scalability, along with a low total cost of ownership are some of the reasons why the platform enjoys continued success.

Some of the world’s biggest brands endorse Magento for its flexibility and robust CMS. With an ecosystem 150,000 developers and a network of over 300 highly-skilled solution partners, Magento is a force to reckon with. If you are venturing into the digital commerce space, then here are some facts and features that make Magento a compelling choice for your business:

1)Open Source: Magento is open source and the Community Edition doesn’t cost anything at all. It thus offers merchants the flexibility to tweak and shape the code apart from installing a variety of extensions for your specific business needs. Open source allows full control over the site.

2)Built for eCommerce: There are many eCommerce vendors and CMSs but Magento was created for eCommerce. This means it is optimized for selling online and does that one thing exceedingly well. Small to medium businesses, large eCommerce sites, high volume selling, payments, shopping cart, security, loyalty programs - it is the one platform that has it all. Some of the world’s major brands use Magento for their business including, Coca Cola, Louboutin, Nike and Nestle. Magento enjoys a 29.1% market share which is the largest share and dominates the other platforms like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify etc.

3)Customizable: The richness and open-source code allows users to create the websites as they desire, using the code and plugins to tailor-made features and functionality (frontend, backend, tools, themes, 3rd party integration etc.). The extensions are highly customizable to optimize store performance. Magento works for most business types from products, services, B2B and B2C. A plethora of free and paid themes and templates starting at $1 mean that users can really go to town in terms of design and function. The templates are visually modern and designs are responsive and mobile friendly.

4)SEO: SEO is vital to the success of a webstore whether it is a small business or large enterprise – traffic has to be driven by search. Magento doesn’t even require any SEO extensions because the platform is inherently SEO-friendly. Merchants have total control over URLs, page titles, meta description. The CMS has capability to generate Google sitemap that helps businesses index faster and begin ranking sooner on search pages. Moreover, Magento has a functional CMS that can be used to push out content like news or blogs for customer engagement.

5)Secure and Sophisticated: Magento is known for being a robust platform with a high level of functionality and security. Magento security center is quite watchful and regularly pushes out security patches and notifies users when these are available. It does a good job of protecting all types of transaction information and private data.

The architecture is highly sophisticated and is designed to fulfill every need. Built to scale from 1 to a million, Magento offers features like code re-use, debugging, support and maintenance.

6)Multiple Stores: One of the great things about Magento eCommerce development is that it can run multiple stores from a single backend system. If you manage multiple stores for various brands but want to control it via one backend system then Magento is your answer.

7)Scalability: The Magento platform provides a dedicated server and allows businesses to flourish and scale up without having to change the vendor. Merchants can add an unlimited number of products on the website and handle considerable surges in traffic with great ease.

Conclusion: Each year, Magento handles over $100 billion in gross merchandise volume. It has stellar features to offer great design, modularity and tailor-made solutions for every kind of online business. It has a strong portfolio of omni-channel solutions whether you opt for Magento Community Edition, Enterprise Edition or the Enterprise Cloud Solution. Do you have any recommendations for the appropriate version? Please let us know in the comments section.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software. The blog was created after thorough research on Magneto eCommerce platform.