Though Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have been used around for a while now, there is still an ongoing understanding in business owners that ERP systems are accounting systems. Moreover, there are firms that believe that if their accounts and books are in order, they don’t need the ERP solution at all. Still there are experts and business owners which understand the relevance of implementing ERP solutions in their business activities and when we talk about ERP solutions, SAP Business one is the best amongst the rest with the following list of benefits:

1. SAP Business one is best priced ERP solution for SMEs
SAP Business One gives you an extremely efficient functional ERP system that is cost effective, easy to implement, needs less training to get used to and easily accommodate in your existing business model.

2. SAP Business One is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses

SAP Business One cannot be termed as the lower version of SAP ERP and is designed from the inside to specially meet the entire requirement of the small and mid- sized business firms.

3. SAP Business one provides one integrated functionality across all your business functions

When you can centralize all your core business functions into a single software application, you can then integrate all your employees and business functions giving you a perfect overview of your entire business and related functions

4. SAP Business one has come from the world leader in ERP – SAP

While SAP is the worldwide leaders for enterprise business applications, this ERP system can be trusted without any doubt. Moreover, all the millions of ERP users around the world can count on its name for all their ERP requirements.

5. SAP Business One gives you more value for money

Once SAP Business One is implemented in your core business activities, you can then always expect a good and rapid return on your invested money. SAP Business One has made thousands of business firms across the globe benefitted with its specialized functions.

6. SAP Business one is easy to use and implement

One of the best features of SAP Business one is it’s easy to use framework. For all those firms which don’t have required time and investments in order to put in for the training purpose, SAP Business One ERP provides the best and most effective solution.

7. SAP Business one evolves along with your business growth

It’s a common case scenario for business to outgrow their business ERP solutions. Moreover, while your business activities would become more multifaceted and there’s going to be more manpower coming in your company, the complexity of your core business functions also grows. That’s where SAP Business One comes as a winner as its pre-equipped to meet up with/a all those business challenges and grows along with your business functions.

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Accelon Tech is a leading provider of SAP B1 ERP solutions and services company since 2006. Accelon Tech was awarded SAP Business One HANA Partner in 2014.