Many people sleep less because they think sleeping more makes them lethargic. It is not what your doctor would recommend you because if you don't sleep for the recommended time duration you will start to experience bad effects on your body very shortly. Sleep is as important for you as an exercise for the body. Sleep helps your body to recover and ready it for the next day.

So if you who think sleep is a useless and unproductive activity then here are certain proven facts by health and fitness vigilante which clearly states why your body needs sleep.

1. Sharp Memory and Improved Learning Skills: When you sleep your brain compiles all the information to memory through memory consolidation. Because of this process, the person who sleeps for an adequate time duration tends to have improved learning skills and usually have a sharper memory. So if you want to make yourself smarter then you should probably get yourself the required amount of sleep.

2. Stable Metabolism and Body Weight: If you have no idea why your body weight is on the rise even when you are not eating junk or oily food. Well, you should check your sleep habits then. Your sleep time has a direct connection with how your body processes the food. If you sleep less then the metabolism of your body gets affected adversely. It has been found that people who sleep less tend to gain weight because sleep deprivation affects their body's process of storing carbohydrates. Less sleep alters the level of hormones in your body which also affects your appetite. So the next time you think why you are putting on those extra pounds then get yourself some good sleep.

3. Safety: You will be surprised to know that sleep deprivation is directly linked to your safety. It has been seen that people who sleep less tend to fall asleep during the daytime. In many cases, these lapses have caused falls and mistakes. People tend to commit a lot of mistakes because of less concentration. So the next time you drive a car or want to go on a walk make sure you had enough sleep the previous day.

4. Improves Mood: If you feel more irritated throughout the day or start to become a little impatient then you must increase your sleeping hours. It is often found that people who sleep less experience frustration, impatience, a bad mood, and less concentration than people who take a good sleep. Many studies state that poor sleep quality is directly linked with mental health issues like depression. This is one of the reason while treating a depressed patient the doctor prescribe medicine which helps the patient sleep. Sleep deprivation also leaves you too tired to do things you like the most. So the next time you feel heavy headedness, frustration, or impatience then get yourself some good sleep.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Health: Sleep makes you less prone to cardiovascular diseases. It is no surprise that when you sleep less you are at high risk of getting hypertension, irregular heartbeat, and imbalanced stress hormone levels. So you should start to sleep more to improve your cardiovascular health.

6. Improves Immunity: When you sleep less your body's immune system is exposed to so many ailments. Immunity mechanism of your body is directly linked to your sleep. If you sleep less you are risking the immunity system and also decreasing your body's killer cells activity. Many studies have suggested that good sleep helps fight cancer also.

7. Improves Social Interaction: People who sleep for an adequate amount of time tend to feel more relaxed and happy. It has been found that people who take sound sleep interact better within their social circles. When you sleep more you tend to enjoy your social interactions. Good sleep provides your body with a positive vibe and you become more expressive.

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