You know what its like. You’re racing around the office to get that last stack tackled- yes, the one that your boss just handed you 5 minutes ago, even though you needed to be driving home 10 minutes ago. As you race, two colleagues fly in and ask “if you have just a minute” to review the 43 page report they are working on.

“Well, actually I have to get to my son’s baseball g…” you say/gulp at the same time. That’s your “I’d-like-to-help-and-I-feel-bad-but,” reply.

“Oh, it’ll just take a second.”

“Ok, I’ll review, but just a sec.” Here’s where you drop that stack from your boss, get two words into the report, and realize you still have to bake the cookies for the bake sale tomorrow, Ms. Roth is calling you to volunteer for the PTA because you’re the BEST mom out there for the job, and you still have to grab the laundry before they close since you have to pack for your flight tomorrow afternoon. Oh YEAH, Call the babysitter!!!

Stop. Breathe. We’re going to give you a gift today. Not because we feel sorry for you, but because we get it. We know what its like to juggle all that we juggle as a woman in business. We know what the task lists are and we know how many hours there are in a day. So here’s our gift to you today: We are officially mandating that you say NO to someone at least twice a day. DISCLAIMER: Do not go yell “No!” to your boss, or your spouse, or the IRS for no reason right now. We all must do some things we don’t like. But we ARE saying, be purposeful in considering why you are always saying “yes” on auto-pilot. Here’s what saying “No” to the boundary-steppers will do for you:

1. You’ll make fewer mistakes. Juggling too many balls means you are bound to drop one sooner or later, even if you are superwoman. Juggle what’s important to you, and not others.

2. You’ll be smarter. When you purposefully say no to the fluffy stuff, you’ll have more time to listen to others, learn, read, and reflect. All of which feeds your soul, and your brain.

3. You’ll be respected. This is a big one, and is often overlooked because we tend to assume we’ll make others mad by saying no to their requests. Don’t underestimate the awe-factor that happens right before your eyes when someone realizes you are clear on your priorities AND know how to protect them at the same time. Its like a breath of fresh air.

4. You’ll feel more relaxed. When you are doing more of what matters to you and those you love, and less of what only matters to others as a “favor,” you’ll feel more joy and less stress.

5. You’ll make a difference. When you say no, it teaches and often empowers others to be more accountable for themselves. It teaches them by example that they should not go to you for the automatic help every single moment they get the least bit uncomfortable. Let them work it out a little.

6. You’ll protect your family time. Perhaps one of the most important priorities to keep in check.

7. You’ll protect your “Me” time. Yes, the most important priority to keep in check.

Let us know how learning to say “No” is helping you? Where are you stuck, why is it so stinkin’ hard to do, and why is it so stinkin’ rewarding when you did? Tell us about it…..

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