The moving quotes online that you received didn't match your final bill? This is why before hiring a mover, you need to make sure you understand the extent of the additional charges that might be billed to you, ask about them to your movers beforehand and make contingency plans for them. Keep reading and find out which charges might be applicable for your move then get a moving company quote and make sure that quote holds.

Accessories Charges

Some long distance moving companies include the extra fees that do not fall under any particular category and call them "Accessorial Charges". These charges may include packing or unpacking services, assembling and disassembling furniture, extra pick-ups at a storage facility or any other such services. To avoid this charge, make sure you ask the movers what they consider as accessories charges.

Advanced Charges

If the movers request third party services by a professional or a craftsman (other than your movers) for services your movers are not able to provide, say, for moving a piano or appliance preparation, then the charges which are billed to the mover, in turn, are billed to you.

Appliance Services

If you want to movers to prepare your major appliances like washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators for moving, which includes disconnecting at the current residence then reconnecting at your new home, then you will be charged for appliance services. Before hiring the movers of appliance services, ask them if they are qualified to prepare them for moving. If not, they can usually recommend someone to you who can provide this service for you.

Auxiliary Services

If you don't have adequate parking or if you live in a home that is not accessible by a large moving truck, then an extra fee that is rated per hour for the delayed move will be charged. You can avoid these extra fees by ensuring the moving truck can park close enough and that nothing is blocking the truck's access. If you are not sure of accessibility, then call your movers and ask questions regarding this, such as what is the appropriate distance from your home or building's entrance to the truck.

Expedited Services

If you are not flexible about your move and require a guaranteed date of arrival, then movers may charge you extra. You can work around this packing your essentials and taking them with you, you should be able to survive for a few days or weeks without your household goods.

Shuttle Services

If the moving truck cannot access your home, your goods have to be transferred to a smaller truck. This service is called shuttle service. Some most when they know about this ahead of time, may not charge you extra. So make sure to ask and negotiate with them.

Storage In Transit

Your new home wasn't ready on time, then you require storage in transit services, wherein your goods have to be stored before being moved to their new home. Additional charges apply, including warehouse handling and final delivery charges. If you have already requested storage services while booking the movers, extensions on the predefined time-frame may incur extra charges.

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