Being part of this sector implies the constant search for new strategies to sell more properties in less time. Therefore, we present 7 practical tips inspired by  real estate marketing that will guide you on your way to success.

  1. Innovate

As in any market, as long as your ideas and products are better than those of the competition, you can quickly position yourself in the sector. Do not be afraid to opt for new practices and forget the traditional, keep in mind that buyers are not the same as 10 years ago, now they have tools that allow them to be very autonomous when looking for a new place to live.

  1. Lean on technology 

Internet is the key, who is not in this giant network, practically does not exist. People often search for housing on real estate portals such as Lamudi because of how friendly it is to personalize their searches and find the best options in one place.

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  1. Use social networks

Not only do you post photos of the properties you want to sell, but also share useful tips for your clients. The information will reach more people in less time so be very careful about the messages you want to send. Show them that you are interested in their needs and that you can help them find their ideal home.

  1. Follow a business plan

Always keep in mind who your clients will be, so that you can select the properties that are sold the most for the type of people who are looking for a property. In your plan, finances must be very clear: define how much you will invest in the portal or your own website. Also, it establishes the commission scheme and sources of income.

  1. Share high-value content

Quality matters more than quantity. If you decide to have a blog or post on your social networks, create useful content for those who are already your customers and others who can potentially be. Everyone needs to solve their doubts simply and for free.

  1. Carefully review each property

Take special care in the publications of your properties and the situation in which they are. It is common for many to pretend to advertise houses for sale or apartments before having a document that guarantees the absence of lien and therefore the buyer does not feel safe.

If your clients send you photos of their properties, choose the highest quality ones. From sight, love is born.

  1. Provide great experiences

A person satisfied with your service will be faithful to you and will recommend you to their acquaintances, there is no better advertising than that. Help throughout the process so that the experience is very pleasant. Provide information and be very clear in your contracts.

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