Your client’s check bounced and now you have to call them (again) to get paid. Cashing checks was NOT why you left your job, was it? Come to think about it, you don’t like having to handle all this financial stuff anyway. What a pain!

Your new program (or product) fell short of your revenue projections. Disappointed, you start to doubt whether it’s a good offering. That seed of doubt makes you fantasize how easy it would be just to sell someone else’s’ stuff.

Then a team member drops the ball – and your mailing is late. Oh my GOD! This is so hard! Working nights at Starbuck’s is starting to look PRETTY good right now. Could you call your old boss back and take a temporary job for a while?

Until you remember why you left your job to be an entrepreneur! If it was all that rosy in your J.O.B. you would never have left.

You need to make YOUR list of reasons why you left your job and started your own business.

On the days that things are just not going right and I’m playing out the pros and cons of divorcing my business, I look over my list and suddenly, the dark clouds part and a ray of sunshine sparkles on the path back to sanity.

Here are my 7 reasons why I left Corporate and started my own business.

#1: I work my own hours.
When I had a J.O.B. I was often on the road 300 days out of the year working 12 hour days. Yes there are times when I’m having to put in some extra hours but normally, I work less than 30 hours a week. I often take three day weekends and I can plan a frickin vacation whenever I want!

Am I going to have that luxury with a job? Nope. Not worth it then.

#2: I pick who I work with.
Back in the day, my clients were crusty old engineers, police sergeants who were trying to cut costs and climb their career ladder and utility company managers who hated their jobs. Often I’d come home crying because they were so demanding and mean.

And I haven’t even gotten started on my company colleagues. Let’s just say that it was a good old boy’s club who thought a girl like me could never cut it. I never felt accepted and always worked 10 times harder to prove myself.

Today I decide who I want to work with. Private clients interview with me to see if it’s a good fit. I can let a client go if they become troublesome. I LOVE my clients and the entrepreneurs who enroll in my programs are totally inspiring to me. After over 10 years, I could not give up the feeling I have watching the soar.

#3: I decide which of my strengths I’ll use today.
In my old J.O.B. I had to do what THEY wanted me to do. Often, I was so stressed out trying to figure out reports for a meeting (that I discovered one hour before it was due) that inappropriate words could be heard from 20 feet away.

I often felt like a fish out of water. As a matter of fact, the ONLY time I ever felt in my zone was when I was training, giving presentations to large audiences, and leading a team of people to accomplish extraordinary results.

Today, I’m really clear about my strengths. I’ve designed my business to leverage those strengths – I outsource most of what I’m not good at and my offerings are based on my genius: writing, speaking and coaching. Now I really have my dream job.

#4: I determine my own salary.
I capped out in my J.O.B at just over $80k a year plus benefits. Now by many people’s standards that was good pay. But I had much bigger ambitions. I could not figure out what I had to do to be in command of my own salary until that fateful day on August 15th, 2001 when I gave my notice.

Ever since I’ve learned how to generate my own revenue. Until I discovered my MoneyDNA Mastery practice, it was tough. Now my ceiling is unlimited – and honestly, I look at making more money as a fun game.

#5: My commute is TEN steps.
The best part? I get up in the morning around 6:30 am, head down stairs, make tea, meditate, have breakfast, take the dog for a walk and take 10 stairs to my office!

Oh my, when I have to leave my home for an event and I sit in traffic for an hour my gratitude soars! On a day when you start doubting, drive yourself to work in rush hour traffic! You’ll remember one of your best perks!

#6: I’m making a difference.
When a client shares a HUGE win or we wrap up a mastermind call and I hear how inspired the group is, I know I’m making a difference. From learning how to break 6 figures and finally hiring an amazing team, to conquering their fears, these entrepreneurs are creating businesses they love.

I’m a catalyst for their greatness – showing them how to confidently lead their own communities and make a positive impact in the world.

I’d say that’s a pretty amazing ripple effect.

#7: Because I can, darn it!
My last reason is the biggest motivation of them all. I was born to be an entrepreneur and a leader. All I have to do is get my ego out of the way long enough to discover the path.

Being an entrepreneur is the most intense personal growth training I’ve ever had. I now recognize that every thought I have will generate an outcome. It’s all just a game I make up – and the best part of the game is knowing that I CAN WIN IT, every time.

I get to define what winning it looks like. That’s the best game ever! And no J.O.B. has ever been as rewarding as being a small business owner.

What about you? What’s your list of reasons why you are an entrepreneur? Write them down (and heck, share a few in the comments below too.)

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