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Group fitness is becoming an ever-increasingly popular way to work out and stay fit. Many people have trouble finding the motivation and persistence to exercise on their own. These individuals tend to find working out alone to be quite boring. On the other hand, group exercise is a great way to keep an entire group inspired and active. In fact, group exercise has been shown to be a great method for boosting a person’s overall mood in a positive way. While the group may be having fun, instructors have an important job to complete. Here are seven resources that every group fitness instructor needs.

1. Apps

In the 21st century, technology has become integrated in nearly every aspect of human life. Group exercise is no exception to this rule. There are countless apps that can help group fitness instructors during their classes. An application with a countdown clock is the most commonly used for exercising. This can help an instructor to keep count for his or her entire group. There are other apps that can track calories burned, play rhythmic music and even provide instructions for complicated exercises.

2. Music

Nearly every groups class is performed along to a soundtrack. This music helps to provide the energy needed to complete the class successfully. The genre will vary from class to class, depending on what kind of atmosphere the instructor wants to create. For example, meditation or yoga classes will have softer, quieter music to relax the group. On the other hand, more intense group classes will have more upbeat and motivational music. It is important for an instructor to have access to enough music for all of their classes.

3. Microphone

Commercial gyms are becoming the regular as smaller businesses are being run out of business. This trend has helped give rise to the popularity of group classes. Smaller gyms aren’t capable of accommodating these larger groups. Larger gyms typically have multiple rooms where different classes can happen simultaneously. Instructors are in charge of providing instructions and motivation to the entire group. A microphone is a necessary resource to help instructors amplify their voices for everyone to hear.

4. Rechargeable Devices

There are a lot of electronics that help a class session run successfully. As instructor teach several classes in a row, there often isn’t enough time to check all of this equipment or fix any problems that may arise. Don’t forget your charger. It is important to have extra batteries to replace ones that may die or malfunction. There is nothing worse than having a speaker or microphone stop working in the middle of class.

5. Business Cards

Many group instructors work freelance and simply rent out space at commercial gyms. Business cards are an essential resource for those instructors hoping to find more clients. These cards can be handed out towards the end of a group class when everyone can determine how they feel about the instructor. More than likely, several people will be interested in taking a card. This not only helps to generate more business contacts, but it also encourage many participants to return time and time again.

6. Foam Roller

When working as a fitness instructor, exercising is part of the job. These instructors must go through the entire routine in order to show the class the proper moves and timing. It is easy to get sore and tired with multiple sessions per day. Every instructor should carry a foam roller in order to provide their muscles with a deep tissue massage. This is a great way to help fight off sore muscles and other potential problems.

7. Snacks & Water

Hunger can strike at anytime when instructing an entire class. Non-perishable snacks is another important resource for group instructors to carry. Protein bars, nuts, granola and other dry foods make for excellent options. It is important to only carry snacks that will provide more energy. Foods that are high in protein and healthy are always good choices. While many gyms will have these types of snacks in vending machines, they are usually overpriced. It is better for instructors to prepare these snacks before work in order to save time and money.

Group instructors have a unique job that requires a lot of attention, movement and awareness. These seven resources can help instructors perform their jobs in an easier and more efficient way.

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