After years of working with men I am happy to share my insights on what men want and desire when it comes to receiving mind blowing oral sex.
Here are the 7 Secrets to giving the ultimate “hummer”:

1. Lube it up. Keep it wet and slippery. Most guys don’t find friction burn on their penis to be a turn on. What kind of lube you might ask? Your saliva is the best but you can also use flavoured lubes or oils. One of my favourite oils is coconut oil which is also vagina friendly. Just remember if you are using flavour lubes or oils then he should wash his penis before you have intercourse because sugars and other chemicals are not vagina friendly. Just because the bottle says intercourse safe that does not mean that it is. Anything with sugars or Glycerine and some of the other ingredients in flavoured lubes can cause a yeast infection… It is better to be safe than sorry later. The vagina has a very delicate ecosystem. Yeast infections are not sexy!

2. Pressure. Every man likes a different level of intensity on their penis. But a lot of men have told me that woman don’t usually do enough. So when you have his penis in your mouth and are sucking ask him if he would like more or less suction. That will be your base line for pressure. It is important to use suction when his penis is in your mouth otherwise “it just feels like poking a warm bucket of water.” Don’t forget about your hands. They always need to be a part of the experience. Again, when you are stroking his “leaning tower of power” ask him if he would like more or less pressure. This will be your base line.

3. The balls, or my favourite, “the boys”. What to do with them? They like to be played with so don’t leave them out. Men can experience a lot of pleasure from their testicles. You can lick them, suck them, tickle them, pop them in your mouth, scratch them and even hum a tune on them. Just remember, when playing with your lover’s “twig and berries” you are looking for sap from the twig not juice from the berries so be gentle with them at first until you find out how sensitive they are and what kind of stimulation he likes. Now ladies you might be thinking ewww they are hairy and smelly. However, if you ask him to go have a shower.

4. Tongue action is not just for the ladies. Men love when your tongue shows up for the party. Lick him like a lollipop, tease him with your tongue, use your tongue while you are sucking “Mr. Happy” and don’t forget about the “balls” they love a good tongue bath.

5. Be turned on! No one wants to feel like you are doing it because you have to or it is an obligation. That is never sexy! So it is important that you are enjoying yourself and being turned on. Here are a couple tips if you are finding this difficult. There is an erogenous zone on the roof of your mouth which can give you great sexual pleasure once it is awake. Rub yourself and your own clit so you are aroused, get a vibrator that you can use on your vagina while you are giving him head or ask him to hold it for you. Make eye contact so he knows you are having a good time to. Also, give yourself permission to get sexually aroused from the pleasure you are giving him. Let yourself feel like a rock star!

6. Audio/Video. Men are incredibly turned on by visual and audio stimulation. So visually, give him a lot to look at; panties, heels, lingerie. Each guy is different in what visually turns him on so ask him. Men want to hear sounds. They want to hear your moans of pleasure, sucking sounds, gagging sounds, slurping sounds, talking dirty. Again, each guy is a bit different so ask him what he likes to hear and then make it loud and messy. This is not the time to worry about your makeup or being ladylike. He wants you to become a wanton tigress that is starving and craving his penis and having him in your mouth is the only thing that will satisfy that hunger.

7. Variety is the spice of life. Mix up your strokes, add hand and tongue, alternate speed and pressure. Oral sex is a great time for you to make friends with his penis. Do not be afraid of it or him. Explore and discover new possibilities to make his eyes roll back in his head. Ask questions and read his body language.
Let’s talk about ejaculation. What to do with it? Do you spit or swallow or put it somewhere else? In my experience it doesn’t matter much to the dude. He is super happy he got a blow job. You just need to decide for yourself what you are comfortable with before you start giving him oral sex so you can let him know if you don’t want him to cum in your mouth.

Stay tuned for “How to make his cum taste good” in an upcoming article.
Remember, laugh lots and have fun exploring your lover’s “package’.

Until next time, stay naughty!
Gaia Morrissette
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For over 10 years Gaia Morrissette has been an renown international speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach who makes the world a happier, safer and sexier place for us all. She believes the keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magical and EPIC orgasmic life is ; Sexual Wellness, Embracing the human experience and releasing fear, shame , guilt and self-loathing. Gaia supports people living with more pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness, Trauma Recovery, and Divine Sexual and Elemental Magicks. She is a Holistic Sexual Wellness and BDSM Wellness Specialist and High Priestess. Her philosophy is that for true Sexual Wellness to happen you must look at these 5 aspects: Play, Sensuality, Sexuality, Exploration and Sacred. Her published book: Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! explores the first aspect which is our foundation of Happiness: PLAY. Gaia is the Founder of , and the Succulent Living Institute. Her education and training consist of, sexology, trauma recovery, life coaching, tantra training, sex coaching, and lots of practice in the areas of play, healing, and exploring