7 SEO Title Tag Hacks for Increased Rankings + Traffic
We brought old but good stuff on Friday. Significant public support Today I have Cyrus data that says that there is seven great simple and most SERP clicks in their title tag hackers. Find and share with her comments!

1. Number

These numbers tell you some way. These examples: "5 Signs of a Zombie Apocalypse" or "How Mutants Can Save 22% on Car Insurance."
Seriously prevalent prejudice - when you see it on the search results page, sometimes you get a little click through rate. His role is seriously due to discrimination. Our brains are trained to find significant and specific elements. When you scan your search results, you will get a lot of information. So, your mind can understand that you will try to find something, and numbers are the last things that are specific and stand. So, sometimes, in some cases, you can use the amount to get click clicks on the clicks tag.

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2. Dates

A few weeks back, Rand made a big slate on Friday. It can be more accurately "Getting Oscar Award for Best Actress nomination for 2017" or, like months, inside the month, "might have been the best option for fantastic projects NFL in September 2017."

Now, Rand talks very much. He spoke about how to find the dates in keyword research. The key to this research is that when you use keyword search, like Google AdWords or Siemens tools, you should see the next few years. So if I'm looking for this year, we do not have enough data for 2017, so I will try "the best candidate for the nominated Oscar 2016".

If you use WordPress, use your CMS, if you use Appendix Yoast, you can update your title tag automatically yearly, month or even later. It is not appropriate in all cases, but it is beneficial for some specific questions.

3. Length

It is one of the most controversial issues. SEO, mainly when we review or modify title tags. Of course, when you consider the SEO, you will get two things. You think this title is concise for the card, "paint" or label very long they want "subtle knit top knitting enterprise knitting enterprise", for the sub-keywords, "red painted Tahitian ASL line colour belt midrise hook Yeux zipper, Macy" Because it is.

Now both are good title tags, but it creates two issues. It's vast. "Pantsuit" can be anything. This title tag is very slow. It's tough to know what it is. You are trying to scan it. The search engines will look like this. Is this the trouser press? Is this a scope? It's a bit difficult.

Research in Etsy: Etsy recently URLs shortened in Etsy, and your title tags are hundreds of thousands of topics that are the most extended topics tag topics in most cases measured. The title tag is short, no. You often see title tags in nature. When they handle the title tag, they found that ranking can increase significantly.

50-60 characters: Your best practice for these places is the best way to go usually because the best length is generally between 50 and 60 characters.

Use popular keywords: Using which keyword to reduce this keyword, here you can use keyword search and search the keywords that you want.

So, if I go to my analysis or Google search console, I can see that people are looking for "trousers", "mice", maybe it's. I can create a title tag that meets these parameters, "Tahiti ASL Red Pantsuit,", category "pants", "Macy's.". It will be the champion tag you won, and you can see the increase in rating.

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4. Synonyms and variants

Now you will see the last title tag, which is multi pants. In some cases, it helps. But it is essential to know how you think the search engines look.

Let's research keywords, and your popular keywords are "cheap taxi". You want to improve the cheapest taxes. Well, people can see it differently. They are looking for something like "affordable tax" or "low cost" or "affordable alerts".

Therefore, you want to use the variables that they are severe and variable and add it to the title tag. So my title can be "fast and cheap tax, fast tax, cheap travel". It is customized for three different things within 50 to 60 words and will affect all of these variations, and you can use it more.

Use the SERP / Keyword Tool: You can find the way this harmony and variety, you can see the SERP. Enter your keywords in SERP in Google and look for points in bold points in search results. Usually, this is looking for different types of people, and people will ask from the bottom of the page. Your preferred keyword tool, such as keyword explorer or Siemens, or whatever you choose and your Google Analytics. The Google Search Console is an essential source of information for adaptation and variations.

5. Call on the action

Now, you will not receive calls in keywords research often, but they help users. These actions are verbal.
Action words: Buy, Search Download, Search, Listen, Look, Learn and Access. When you use them, they encourage you a bit because they show that consumers can do anything out of keywords. So you do not need to type in the search box. When you see it in the results, you can create "oh, wow", I can download something. "Provides additional extra amount that can increase such rate of interest.

6. Top referring keywords

It's a little overlooking and an advanced concept. Usually, we've improved the page for keyword combinations, but there is another set of resulting traffic keywords. But very powerful, this will increase your click-through rate in the people's search box and see the exact words in the title tag.

For example, I analyzed Moz and saw Follower wonk. The main keywords in the Google Search Console are references to "Twitter Search", "Twitter Search" and "Twitter Analysis". Before clicking on the Google Follower wonk list, that's how people are.

Therefore, using this information, I can write a title tag type "twitter search tool using Follower wonk to find Twitter biography." It is a high title tag. I feel a little proud of it. But you can see that the most relevant keywords that touch people use. So, write "Twitter analytics" in the search box when it's more likely to click the "Twitter Analytics tool".

So I've written the traffic before it, but your page is not only significant to improve traffic but also considering the traffic you want to get. You can marry these two people whenever you can be active in all aspects of your life.

7. Question

A problem title is an excellent tool used in the tag. There are things like "Where to move butterfly?" Your keywords might only have one "butterfly transfer". But ask a question, you are curious and will let people click. Or "What is PageRank?" What do these do to us in Moz? So if you are interested.
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But in general, asking questions, you will be rewarded for a flagship project. Britney Mailer wrote an excellent article about the people who made their questions a little while ago: "Question", to find out how to claim your search and claiming work on your keywords' research. That's the right way.
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So these seven points are. Please tell us the tag below in the comments. If you like this video, I will be very grateful for your approval. Share with friends on social networks. I'll see you next time. Thanks to all.

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