With various types of dental problems, it may be difficult to decide which ones require urgent care. In severe cases, waiting for a long period before visiting a dental specialist can result in tooth loss. Don’t know how to determine which symptoms in serious and which can be ignored?

Keep on reading to discover the five signs you should seek urgent dental care.

1. You have an unexplained toothache
Strange, continuous, and extreme toothaches can indicate an onset of gum disease or infection. If the pain is mild, consider trying some home remedies first. However, if it becomes more severe and doesn’t subside, it’s best to contact an emergency dental specialist. In severe cases, it may be due to a tooth abscess. Examine your gum line to see if there’s a bump near your painful tooth. Other signs of an abscessed tooth include sensitivity, and inflammation in your mouth or face. If you experience any of these, visit an emergency dental office immediately.

2. You have a fractured tooth
If your tooth is mildly chipped and isn’t painful, there’s likely no reason for concern. In general, a fractured or knocked-out tooth will result in extreme pain. Undergoing emergency dental treatment will not only help resolve your symptoms but may help you preserve your tooth. If an entire tooth is knocked out, put it in a glass of milk and visit your dentist right away. This way, you’ll increase your chances of saving and reattaching the tooth.

3. Your gums pour blood
If your gums bleed a little after you floss or if you’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis, there’s no need to worry. However, if bleeding is severe, persistent, and accompanied by inflammation or pain, visit your dental specialist ASAP. Unexplained bleeding can signal advanced periodontitis.

4. Your mouth and jaw are swollen
Your jaw can become swollen for various reasons. It can result from infection, swollen lymph nodes, or even oral cancer. As you already know, it’s also a sign of gingivitis.Because identifying the precise cause of swelling is essential to preserve your dental and overall health, consider booking an emergency dental appointment.

5. You can taste metal in your mouth
Metallic taste in your mouth is usually a sign of loosened filling or dental crown. This requires urgent dental care because the dislodged filling is a perfect breeding ground for dangerous oral bacteria that can lead to infections and tooth decay. Failure to replace your damaged filling or crown can put you at risk of requiring a more costly and invasive root canal in the future.

6. Your teeth went numb
Your teeth may become numb after an episode of extreme pain. Often, the affected tooth stops being painful and you lose sensation all around it. This can mean that the infection has already damaged its pulp and roots. Numbness may bring some relief from severe toothache, but it’s not a good symptom. Failure to treat the infection can put you at risk of requiring a root canal procedure or even tooth extraction.

7. You experience chronic headaches
Dental problems may result in recurring headaches. Your teeth and head are interconnected, meaning that any issues inside your oral cavity can easily affect your entire head. Gum disease and tooth decay are among the most common headache-causing dental conditions. Another mouth-related source of head pain is teeth grinding. Undergoing urgent dental treatment is the only way to stop this type of headache. Visit your dental specialist to get a proper diagnosis and adequate treatment.

The bottom line
If you’re dealing with any of the aforementioned symptoms, it’s important to seek emergency dental care. Timely treatment of dangerous dental problems is crucial for your dental health and overall wellbeing.

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