Most people do not utilize enough of their brain. Some would even say in order to succeed, you need luck, not brain power. You can trick your brain into believing otherwise with simple mind tricks. Success is something that you envision and create for yourself. Use these easy techniques to help gain more success in your life.


If you can envision yourself on the path to success, you are already using motivation as a way to engage your mind and gear yourself toward the reality of your thought process. To keep yourself motivated, talk about the plans you intend to fulfill. The more you motivate yourself by talking about your plans, the more likely you are to take that first step toward completion of those plans.

Motivation is a major key to success. No plan or idea ever created itself. It takes human ingenuity and the brain power of man to see plans through and make them a reality.

Positive Thinking

This may not seem like a mind trick, but in all actuality it is one of the best mind tricks. Achieving success can be a very challenging task. When you think positively, you dispel any doubt you may be harboring. Negative thoughts bring you down and make it difficult to succeed. No matter how bad things may seem, keep your thoughts positive and do not stray from a successful course.

Read to Exercise Your Mind

Reading may seem like it is a simple task that you do every day. This is true, however reading also helps transform your ideas and introduces new ways of thinking. Reading is one of the true ways you can train your mind for success. Not only does it help keep your brain geared for optimal performance, it also helps your continue to educate yourself.


Perhaps you have hit a slump and can’t seem to get past a road block you have set for yourself. This would be procrastination at its best. When you get to this point, don’t let it stop you. Instead think ahead. Close your eyes and envision the task already done and what it feels like to have accomplished it. When you open your eyes you will be ready to continue down that path of success and finish the work that put you in that slump.

Identify Thoughts

Distractions cause even the most motivated individual to stray from their path of success. Most of the time distractions come in the form of thoughts. It is important to be able to determine which thoughts are actually inhibiting you from succeeding and which thoughts are the motivating thoughts that are helping you succeed.


When you relax you take the stress out of success. When you relax you give yourself the time to wind down and become comfortable with challenging ideas. Once you begin to consider them to be manageable hurdles you can relax and tackle them.


In order to feel assertive and carry through with your goal of success you need to think confidently about yourself and be what you think. This is one of many very simple mind tricks that most people do not even realize they can accomplish.

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